Pontunian dukaten

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Pontunian Ducat
Dukaten (Pontunian)
PluralDukathy (Pontunian)
NicknameBig D, ducks, dukes, duchies
 Freq. used5 Đ, 10 Đ, 25 Đ, 50 Đ
 Rarely used100 Đ, 2 1/2 Đ
 Freq. used1ŝ, 2ŝ, 1/2 Đ, 1Đ
 Rarely used1 ₰, 2 ₰, 5 ₰
Date of introduction1 May 2020 (Silver Dukaten), Jan 23 2023 (New Silver Dukaten)
User(s) Pontunia
Central bankRoyal Bank of Pontunia

The Pontunian dukaten is the name of the currency of Pontunia: the Silver Dukaten. The currency was created and managed by the Minister of Finance of Pontunia. The plural form is dukathy and one dukaten is subdivided into 100 pfennigs.


Dukaten is inspired in name by the ducat, a historical currency of trade in Europe.

In early 2022, the currency was split into two currencies: one for tourists, in the vein of Cuban convertible peso, and one for home use. This was later rolled back in January 2023, and the currency was reformed closer to the predecimal currency of the United Kingdom, but still decimalized.


Pontunian coinage has not been made in physical form as of January 2023.

Image Value Technical parameters Description
Obverse Reverse Diameter Mass Composition Edge Obverse Reverse
denier 20.19 mm 2.8 g Copper-plated steel Plain Profile of the Monarch, legend surrounding denomination center, legend surrounding
deuxdenier (2 denier) 25.48 mm 5.67 g plain denomination center, legend surrounding
cinq (5 denier) 31 mm 11.34 g Reeded denomination center, legend surrounding
sou 23.60 mm 5.66 g Cupronickel milled Coat of Arms center, denomination surrounding
20 gapiks 24.25 mm 6.6 g Segmented reeding Spiral staircase, Geometry & Geometrical symbols, denomination left
50 gapiks 25.5 mm 7.7 g Bi-Metallic Brass-plated steel center in Stainless Steel ring Reeding over lettering (AZƏRBAYCAN RESPUBLIKASI) Two oil wells, denomination left


Pontunia's banknotes are mostly promissory notes, but have the ability to purchase commodities on their own. They are usually printed, then laminated. They feature many symbols related to Pontunia.


The Silver dukaten is officially backed by silver, at a rate of 13 Đ=0.7 troy ounces.

Exchange rates


Year w:United States USD w:United Kingdom GBP w:European Union EUR w:Japan JPY w:Canada CAD w:Taiwan TWD w:Russia RUB w:India INR w:Brazil BRL w:Kuwait KWD
2022 $1.60 £1.20 €1.41 ¥ 183 $2.00 NT 44.08 ₽ 122.27 ₹ 118.93 $8.84 0.48


Date Molossia VAL
As of January 2022 V 2

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