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IMSO 2 is a 3 letter standard for micronational currency codes.

Alpha codes

For national currencies, the first two letters of the code are are IMSO 1 two letter country codes followed by the first letter of the currency. This system helps to eliminate issues with multiple currencies using names such as dollar, pound, or mark.

Active codes

The following is a list of all active IMSO 2 codes as of 6 April 2022.

Active IMSO 2 currency codes
Code Num D Currency Locations listed for this currency
AVK 1 2 Atovian krone  Atovia
BPD 2 2 Bepistani dollar  Bepistan
CRK 3 2 Carnovian koruna  Carnovia
CUP 4 2 Caudonian pound  Caudonia
EBM 5 2 Ebenthali kupfermark  Ebenthal
MQD 6 2 Marquetten dukesmark  Marquette
PCI 7 2 Pacemian imperil  Pacem
PTD 8 2 Pontunian dukaten  Pontunia
SLC 9 2 Salanda coin  Salanda
SNI 10 2 Sancratosian impresa  Sancratosia
STK 11 2 Slitronian kroon  Slitronia
OTA 12 2 Azre Ostwania
Tradable commodities and cryptocurrencies
XWB 16,900 2 Whitebird Bank dollar