Royal Bank of Pontunia

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Royal Bank of Pontunia
Banque de la Nouvelle-France
HeadquartersNew Rouen
Established13 November 2022 (Current Charter)
Ownership100% State-owned enterprise
Minister-PresidentAndrew Perdomo
Central bank of Kingdom of Pontunia
CurrencyPontunian Dukaten
PTD (ISO 4217)

The Royal Bank of Pontunia, also known simply as the Bank of Pontunia or the Bank of New France is the central, commercial and only state bank of Pontunia. Administrated by the Crown of Pontunia, the Royal Bank of Pontiunia is the primary holder of the nation's financial assets. It serves as the primary printer and mint to the banknotes and coins of Pontunia.


Initial administration

The Bank of Pontunia was founded by Duke Andrew I of Pontunia in late January 2020 as the Banker's Guild of Pontunia. By founding the bank, Andrew intended to have the country's finances administrated through it, but initially the bank hadn't much development due to the lack of capital, the lack of record keeping, and the minimal utilization of the Dukaten.


On 13 November 2022, in reaction to the 2022 Bayou Recession, the Royal Bank of Pontunia was rechartered.


Pontunia's official reserve, the Royal Reserve, is kept by the Royal Bank of Pontunia in the Pontunian Vault. The value is stored in the form of US Dollars, Silver and Copper Bullion and are available to be converted into Dukathy.

The bank is also responsible for storing and redistributing the contributions paid by the Pontunian citizens at the government's command. People can hold stock in the Bank, making it as of November 15 2022 the only Pontunian Stock.

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