Prime Minister of Pontunia

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Prime Minister of Pontunia
Alexandra Irikladis

since 30 January 2024
StyleThe Right Honorable
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderLeif Olson (as Chancellor)
Formation4 January 2021

The Prime Minister of Pontunia is the head of government of the Kingdom of Pontunia. The Chief Minister is appointed by the majority caucus of Pontunia after a General Election, to ordinarily be held every four months.

The founding Prime Minister of Pontunia (titled Chancellor) was Leif Olson.

Constitutional role

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and City or Town
Term of office

Electoral mandates
Other offices held Party Deputy Monarch
1 The Right Honorable
Leif Olson
15 January
18 February
-Prince of New Nidaros
Independent None Andrew I of Pontunia
A Founding Father of Pontunia, Leif was appointed Chancellor, and was granted noble status. Acted as a rubber stamp, resigned to strengthen Ducal Supremacy.
2 The Right Honorable

Pontunians Abroad
18 February
29 March
AUP Leon Montan
February General Election
Elected Chancellor, and by Achieving a obtained a majority in the Hochkouncil great enough to overrule a veto of Duke Andrew I, founded the People's Republic of Pontunia.Later dissolved the PRP and served a Chancellor until removed by the Duke himself.
- Supreme Leader
Jeff Pontus
20 February
21 February
AUP None
Supreme Leader of the PRP. Criminally charged and under Damnatio memoriae.

3 The Right Honorable
Christian Fras
29 March
21 June
-Minister of Sports and Athletics
Independent Vacant
Appointed Chief Minister after the removal of Ian. Formed Air Pontunia and The Ministry of Sports and Athletics. Asked to resign by the Duke in an attempt to democratize Pontunia.
4 Alexandre Olivier

South Lafenire
21 June
9 November 2021
Independent Addison Dillon
June General Elections
First freely elected Cheif Minister of Pontunia.
5 Addison Dillon

9 November 2021 28 February 2022
Independent Cristian Dobrev
First Woman, First Trans person. Became CM due to resignation of Alexandre. Resigned to become Holy Leader.