Chief Minister of Pontunia

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Chief Minister of Pontunia

since 13 April 2021
StyleThe Right Honorable
Term length3 months, renewable twice
Inaugural holderLeif Olson (as Chancellor)
Formation4 January 2021

The Chancellor of Pontunia is the head of government of the Duchy of Pontunia. The Chancellor is appointed by the majority party of Pontunia after a General Election, to ordinarily be held every four months. Representatives wishing to stand for appointment must first be made Candidates by the Monarch. The maximum number of terms to be appointed as Chancellor is 3, equating to 9 months.

Constitutional role

Under the Constitution, the Monarch may not be PM; this law is to ensure that no person has absolute power within the Duchy.

The main role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the activities of the Cabinet and co-ordinate the work of its ministers, and to act as the voice and public face of the elected Austenasian government. The Prime Minister holds several other powers, including the deciding vote in the case of a tie by the Hochkoucil.