Legatian Monarchy

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Emperor and King of Legatia
File:Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg
Newton, Legatian Emperor and King
since 24 March 2015

since 24 March 2015
StyleHis Imperial and Royal Majesty Majesty
Heir apparentHI&RM Rachel I, the Former Empress and Duchess of Alexton
First monarchStephen
Formation28 August 2014
ResidencePleston Palace

The Legatian Monarchy, formally called as the Legatian Throne, is the institution that compromises the Monarch of Legatia and the entire Imperial and Royal Family of Legatia. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds is Legatian Emperor and King, signifying a union with the Kingdom of Legatia and the Empire itself. The current monarch of Legatia is Stephen, who held this title since 24 March 2015.

Powers and duties

The monarch has duties and powers as a monarch:

  • The power to control the government
  • The power to give titles to people
  • The power to appoint the cabinet and the Prime Minister
  • The power to issue decrees
  • The power to veto a General Elections
  • The power to declare war
  • The power to start diplomatic relations

The monarch has more duties than this, listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch.


Early monarchy

The monarchy of Legatia was established on the 28 August 2014 as a result of Legatia joining the Abeldane Commonwealth and an agreement with King Stephen and HIRM The Former Empress, Rachel. The [[Reichsver


The heir apparent is appointed by the Monarch from the three ruling houses; House of Freayth, House of West and House of Kioya. If the Monarch does not have any heirs to be appointed, he/she may choose to appoint from either the three houses. The two houses follows male preference cognatic primogeniture, except for the House of Kioya

Full line of succession

House of Freyth

HM King Stephen

  • 3. HIRH Princess Leonida, Duchess of Artyion

House of Kioya

House of West

Bold denotes for the head of each house. Line succession is determined by the numbers on the left.


The Monarch is addressed as His Majesty in formal way when referring to the Monarch. The Monarch is referred informally as 'The Emperor and King' simply or calling the Monarch as 'Your Majesty'.

Below is the full title of the Monarchs since 24 March 2015:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Stephen, Legatian Emperor and King, King of Legabelden, of Burkland, of Huma, Federal Monarch, Prince of Legatia, of Legabelden, Prince Imperial, Prince Royal, Magrave of Dashkhinet, Nirapēkṣa, Ovižava, Northern Legatia, Southern Legatia, Protector of the Sceptre, Sovereign of the Order of St. Philip the Apostle, Sovereign of the Order of Legatia, Sovereign of the Order of St. Bartholomew, Emperor Penguin Commander of the Order of the Emperor Penguin, Sovereign of the Order of the Empress and Queen, etc. etc. etc.

The full style of the Monarch is only used on Letters Patent for nobility and on the constitution. The Monarch's longest style on documents and on acts is simply as: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Stephen, Legatian Emperor and King, King of Legabelden, of Burkland, of Huma, Federal Monarch, Sovereign of all territories and dependencies in German and in French. The way the Monarch is named and referred in Acts of the Parliament and legal usage is simply 'His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Legatian Emperor and King'.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
Stephen 14 November 28 August 2014 24 September 2014 27 days King
Rachel I 18 November 1999 24 September 2014 16 December 2014 83 days Rotational succession
Donald 21 July 1999 16 December 2014 25 December 2014 9 days Rotational succession
Stephen 14 November 25 December 2014 6 March 2015 71 days Rotational succession
Donald 21 July 1999 6 March 2015 24 March 2015 18 days Selected succession
Stephen 14 November 24 March 2015 9 years, 21 days Rotational succession
(as Legatian Emperor and King from 24 March 2016)