House of Freayth

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House of Freayth
Coat of arms
Country Abelden
Flag of Militarmia.png Militarmia
Dcc.png Fortania
Titles Emperor of Abelden
Emperor of Demirelia
King of Alenshka
King of Legatia
King of Legabelden
King of Dolangrad
Protector of Demirelia
Protector of Suania
Tsar of Darmania
Emperor of Militarmia
King of Fortania
King of Rostlyand
Current head Stephen
Founding 2010
Ethnicity Mestizo

The House of Freayth is the current ruling house of the Abeldane Empire, Alenshka, Legatia and Legabelden. The current head of the House is His Imperial and Royal Majesty Stephen, Emperor of Abelden and King of Legatia, Alenshka and Legabelden.