Democratic People's Republic of Ovižava

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Democratic People's Republic of Liberated Ovižava

Sovereign and free!
Defend the Headquaters of the Revolution
Capital cityOvižava
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameOvižava
GovernmentOvižavan socialist state
- PremierMatt Sjöberg
LegislatureSupreme People's Assembly
EstablishedMarch 19, 2012
Area claimed15184.218m²
CurrencyOvižavan state credit (planned)
Time zoneN/A
National sportThe Olympics
National animalDog[1]
Patron saintSt. Peter (de facto)


Ovižava (pronounced oh-vee-zah-vah), is a self-declared sovereign city-state and political experiment of Legatia landlocked by the United States with three enclaves, the Burklandi Mainland, Lurk Ovižava, Legatia and Diaspoli. The country is meant to be a barrier between the United States and the Burklandi Mainland. Also, it attempted to avoid sharing the United States - Burkland border with the United States by making the border its own country. It is led by a non-electoral organization of all citizens without a life sentence called a political rally, named the Ovižavan People's Rule Rally. As it only has one citizen, it is a de facto autocracy, with election ballots having one candidate.


Ovižava is coined from the Slovenian phrase "ovira država" or "barrier state." In Burklandi legal documents it can be referred to as "The People's Defence against the US," which is used for political reasons. In addition, it is nicknamed the Ex Officio Country.


The moving hopes

The president of Burkland wished to move the Burklandi mainland to be landlocked by another country, especially New Zealand or Canada. However, he since he realized he could not do that, he was angry. Håkon Lindström suggested that a new country be formed, at first he rejected this as this would not stop US influence in Burkland, later he thought it would be a good idea because it would because it would remove as much US influence as they could.

Declaration of independence

The Burklandi president made an informal declaration of independence, which established Ovižava as a self-declared sovereign state. However, a formal declaration has never been made, and it is unknown when or if one will be made.


After much inactivity and seemingly pointless, the nation was ceded to the Lurk Federation. Its boundaries as a barrier of Burkland to the United States were changed as to the backyard of Matthew Burklandssen's apartment. Then it was recreated a sovereign state landlocking the mainland. It was also receded to Burkland when it merged with Zealandia, but Legatia thought its political system still needed testing and recreated as a political experiment. Still, it wants independence from the United States, making it both simulationist and secessionist.

International recognition

The new country has limited recognition as an independent sovereign state.

Nation Date Leader Notes
Flag of Legatia.png Democratic Federation of Burkland March 19, 2012 Nelson Purdum Ovižava is a political experiment of Legatia
FlatlandFlag.png Federated Republics of Flatland May 22, 2012 Brayden Yates
TianaFlag.png Republic of Tiana May 29, 2012 Joseph Puglisi Originally recognized during the the existence of the People's Republic

References and notes

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