Wadonstolian Influentialists

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Wadonstolian Influentialists
LeaderJames Curran
FoundedJuly 9, 2012
HeadquartersLittle Wadonstol City, Little Wadonstol, Legatia
Membership (2012)1
Ideology• Pan-Wadonstolianism
Social democracy
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationSocialist Alliance
International affiliationAssociated with the Wadonstolian Labour Party
SloganWadonstol, win the poll!
Anthem"Mama Economy" by Tay Zonday

The Wadonstolian Influentialists are a political party in Legatia representing Wadonstolian citizens who also have Legatian citizens. However, they oppose Legatia joining Wadonstol, instead they wish to make Legatia a big nation. They also support Legatia being officially social democratic.