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A land of neutrality
Capital city North Nirapēkṣa
Official language(s) Bengali, English
Official religion(s) Secularism
Demonym Nirapēkṣan
Government Federal republic
- Federal Council Matthew Burklandssen
Legislature Federal Council
Established May 31, 2012
Population 1
Currency None

Nirapēkṣa is a landlocked special administrative region of Burkland surrounded on all sides by the Autonomous State of Legatia. It is a neutral state, with it having no army unlike the other special administrative regions. Nirapēkṣa is divided into two cantons, North Nirapēkṣa and South Nirapēkṣa.


Nirapēkṣa is the Romanized word for neutrality in Bengali. In Bengali's native alphabet, Nirapēkṣa is spelled as নিরপেক্ষ.