Southern Mars

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Republic of Southern Mars
Flag of the Marxist People's Republic of Southern Mars.pngCoat of arms of the Marxist People's Republic of Southern Mars.png

"Long live Mars!"
National Anthem of Southern Mars[1]
Southern Mars map.png
Capital citySouth Tharsis
Official language(s)English, Late Proto-Burklandi, Burklandi
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSouthern Mars
Demonym(Southern) Martian
Matthew Burklandssen
- United People's GovernorUrokah Pikollosserki
Area claimed72,399,250km²
PopulationEst. at least 50,000 bacteria[2]
Time zoneUnknown
National animalMartian bacteria
Patron saintJesus, "Saint of Communists"
This nation is a member of the UCETL.

Southern Mars, officially the Republic of Southern Mars, was an autonomous Marxist republic claiming the South of Mars and currently is a scientific claim and republic of Legatia. It was the first nation to be part of the Burklandi Commonwealth. The nation was modelled after the Mars SSR however the Marxist People's Republic and the Soviet Socialist Republic were very apart until the dissolution of its parent state, the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics and its transition to the Lewisham Democratic Republic which doesn't have a Martian claim. Legatia's Southern Martian claim is recognised by the Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land.


Matt Sjöberg has said he "has always liked space and especially the Solar System" which was a justification for creating the Southern Martian puppet state. As part of the Burklandi Space Program, the Burklandi government wanted to claim non-Terran land to help with the Space Program. In reality, however, there is no space government just a space claim. The puppet state became a topic of attention when the Glisean Empire waged war on Burkland as a result of the existence of the nation. The Burklandi Southern Martian claim became recognized by the Union for the Claims of Extra-Terrestrial Land on October 8, 2011. The nation became an autonomous nation of Burkland on November 20, 2011. However, the nation is still in charge of its foreign affairs after it lost independence. After the claim was released by Burkland, the nation gained independence although only existing nominally. Later, on March 12, 2012, the place was reclaimed although only as part of Burkland's "nominal territory." In addition, they also define Southern Mars to be the all the lands between the Martian equator (unless stated otherwise). It was transferred to Legatia on August 6, 2012.


  1. To the tune of Independent, Neutral Turkmenistan although no officially lyrics.
  2. Legatian officials believes in bacteria life in Mars. Also, Legatian officials believe there is much more then 50,000 if such life exists.