Prime Minister of Legatia

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Prime Minister of Legatia
Coat of arms of Legatia.png
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StyleThe Right Honourable
Term lengthAt His Imperial and Royal Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderRachel Kioya
Formation28 August 2014

The Prime Minister of Legatia is the head of government of Legatia and is responsible for the daily governing affairs in the Empire. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Monarch and serves for no limit of terms. The office was established on 24 August 2014 following the establishment of the Monarchy.

The incumbent Prime Minister is Horatio Eden, since 16 April 2017.

Appointment and term length

The Prime Minister is appointed by the Emperor, who in turn consults the parliament if indeed he/she receives the confidence of the legislature. The term length of the Prime Minister is at His Imperial and Royal Majesty's pleasure. Former Empress Rachel I served the longest of all the Prime Minister, serving for 1 year and 336 days.

List of Prime Ministers

No. Portrait Name
Term of office

Political party Government
1 File:RvL.jpg The Right Honourable
Her Imperial and Royal Majesty

Rachel I, Former Queen
24 August
25 July
National Movement of Legatians for a United Legatia Kioya
Appointed Vorsitzender on the 25 March 2015. First Vorsitzender to fully take the office as Vorsitzender. Previously was Prime Minister. Appointed new ambassadors to macronations. Oversaw the 1st founding anniversary of Abelden.
2 Coat of arms of Legatia.png The Right Honourable
Kerry Stapleton
25 July
16 April
National Movement of Legatians for a United Legatia Stapleton
Succeeded Ned Gunderson as Vorsitzender after his resignation. Ran for the following general elections, but came in second and became Leader of the Opposition. Oversaw East Nedland secede from the Empire. Vorsitzendership also may be known as a caretaker government.
3 11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg The Right Honourable
Horatio Eden
Duke of the Riverdale and the Emmerdale
14 April
Present National Movement of Legatians for a United Legatia Eden
Elected as Vorsitzender on the 14 October 2016 after receiving the majority votes. Oversaw an increase in inactivity in the Empire following the resignation of Ned Gunderson. Was replaced by Emiel Hardy by the Emperor after inactivity was high in the Empire.

Time in office

Below is the list of Prime Ministers by time in office:

  • 1. Rachel Kioya - 1 year, 336 days
  • 2. Kerry Stapleton - 265 days
  • 3. Horatio Eden - 2120 days