Imperial State of Unironia

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Unironia formally the Imperial State of Unironia is a micronation in North America, it is an Unitary Absolute Monarchy as of August 20, 2021 when the former Republic was abolished and the Empire was restored.

Imperial State of Unironia
Unironic flag.png
Imperial State of Unironia Arms.svg provisional Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Nam Pretivm Libero"
Anthem: Long Live Unironia
Map of Unironia.jpg
CapitalCrizopolis (Official) Westpointe (de facto)
Largest cityMiklor
Official languagesAmerican English, Semul (Historical Minority)
GovernmentUnitary Imperial Absolute Monarchy
• Emperor
William I
EstablishmentJune 1, 2011 (Independence) August 20, 2021 (Restoration of the Monarchy)
• Census
Preceded by
Unironic Democratic Republic


with micronational roots going back as far as the mid 2000`s Unironia`s culture has had time to mature as well as diversify separately from that of the United States. Cultural heritage and pride runs high within then nation and is arguably the nations greatest unifying asset in the modern day. Harvest festivals are an extremely important aspect of Unironic culture with the basis for both being based directly on and tied to the American cultural holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving.


as opposed to the First Unironic Empire the Imperial State of Unironia is a Unitary State with Autocratic Monarchy, although this may change in time as the provisional government settles in and demands fro reform could be made. The First Empire did have an absolure monarchy but the aristocracy held a large amount of sway and contributed to stagnation.

Administrative divisions

the provisional government is still working to adapt the plans of the former republic to fit current needs.


early History - Polkburg Dissolution

The earliest stirrings of the Unironic Nation were in 2004 with the various proto-Unironic warlords struggle for power which would continue until the Unification of most of early Unironic lands in 2007. In the native language of the time he would be known as Ku'garu. The land was then passed down from one High warlord to another until 2011 when the earliest Unironic nationstate formed. The long standing tradition of succession was interrupted by a military coup on May 30, 2011. The Unironic populace, now educated and seeking evolution to a constitutional government saw this coup as a return to the warring states period and wouldn't stand for such an injustice against them. The FNCP (Friends National Communist Party) the growing Marxist force in Unironia was brought to the spotlight as more and more disgruntled Unironics joined the party. On June 1, 2011 a revolutionary militia stormed the palace of the usurper king, overthrew the government, abolished the monarchy, and established Unironia as a Socialist Republic under the Principles of Marxist Councilism. Marxist Councilism is defined as the lack of central leadership and leading the nation through a central committee directly controlled by the party. This type of government would only last a short time as its unsustainable in a country as unstable as Unironia was during this time. As anticipated by all other historical examples, there was a lot of infighting within the council and control of the government was seized in a coup perpetrated by the Extreme Marxist faction of the council and supported by the FNCP's General Secretary. A new constitution was signed and the first president was elected. This is where William McGuire first enters the spotlight. He served a term as the first President of the Unironic People's Republic, he was succeeded by Nathan Polk, then William McGuire was elected to a non-consecutive second term. In this term many new agencies were founded, industry grew and the economy flourished. In his second term an amendment to the constitution allowed other political parties to participate in elections. McGuire ran as Unironic Nationalist party and secured the presidency. The allowance of other parties into the presidency fueled disdain from the federal subject republics that belonged to the Unironic Nation. State governments began to act more and more autonomously, none more than the Polkburg Unironic Socialist Republic. The Polkburg USR was never very satisfied with socialism and was the least successful economy of all the Unironic states as its primarily an exporter of luxury goods. On August 11, 2011 the Government of the Polkburg USR formally broke the from the Unironic People's Republic and formed the Polkburg Autonomous Republic. This act effectively dissolved the national government as a whole and led to a power vacuum, one that the old warlord ruling class would most certainly take advantage of.

Polkburg Dissolution - Unification

After the fall of the Unironic People's Republic the same warlord class which dominated the nation before the revolution were restored to power under two thrones one in Crijong (Crizopolis) and the other in Lingshee (Miklor). The two tribal warlords worked very closely in administration and eventually two more thrones were added when national borders were expanded later in 2011 and early 2012, this weakened central administration and ultimately led to the final breakdown of tribal feudalism in Unironia. The Emperor in Crijong proceeded to consolidate his power over the entire Empire He was for the most part successful, although Lingshee (Miklor) would remain occupied by the tribal despotate until January 2013. The Emperor in Crijong now the unquestioned national leader met with the lord of a small territory north of the present Unironic border. They agreed to form a federative diarchy. The Archduchy Unironia-Woodland as it would be named was still in its infancy when Unironia's most infamous Enemy to the South, E-town consolidated its power as a merchant city state. For the first time the unified Unironic state had direct economic and political competition. The Archduke of Unironia sent a spy to gather intelligence on military activities of E-town, the spy was captured and this led to the first of a series of wars with E-town. It ended in a stalemate several weeks later. The Parliament of Unironia-Woodland attempted a coup against the Archdukes to form a Republic. The coup was put down and the perpetrators arrested. The Archduke of Woodland abdicated shortly their after, the Archduke of Unironia seized his chance and became the sole sovereign monarch of Unironia-Woodland. A guild/political organization known as the Wolf Syndicate eventually was able to eventually gain enough influence to usurp power from the Archduke and form a Corporatist Oligarchy. Unironia was reorganized as the State of Unironia, William McGuire remained de jure as head of state although de facto power was held in the central committee of the Wolf Syndicate. In April 2012 a new political movement was gaining traction, the American National Union as it was called advocated for pan-American nationalism, Unironic Nationalism and the creation of a stable Unironic Nationstate. With the support of the people and military the leaders of the ANU staged yet another coup d'etat against the Wolf Syndicate's government. They reformed the nation as the Republic of Monoea. The name "Monoea" was an ancient tribal name that was used for the lands of the most central part of Unironia, then was adopted by the ANU's government years later. It was in this period that a series of wars of unification would begin with E-town against tx declared independence as the Dominiton Freestate, and then proceeded to align themselves with E-Town. Monoea's army soon occupied Dominiton, then focused their efforts on E-town. Monoea occupied the northern half of E-town's territory and put it under a military government. After the peace treaty Dominiton was annexed fully back into Monoea, Northern E-town was officially under a Monoean military government and all but one of the city states that traded with E-town were annexed into Monea. the Taeshaun Freestate would remain independent until annexation. The Monoean government began celebrating themselves as the "Unifying Caesars" of Unironia, this began a monumental change in the government structure. William McGuire was crowned "William I, Emperor-King of Monoea". This began the final era of unification with the annexation of several additional Unironic cultural territories and the adoption of an aristocracy from both old and new noble families. On June 21, 2012 it was declared to world that Unironia was whole, it would now be the Unironic Empire. William McGuire then took the new Unironic Imperial throne as "William I, Emperor of Unironia, and King of Monoea".

Proclamation of the Unironic Empire

On June 21, 2012 the Unironic Empire was proclaimed along with the title of Emperor of Unironia this title would be bestowed upon the then King of Monoea, William I

The Triumvirate

In August 2012 the Emperor created the office of "Consul" the office holder was also marshal, this was later abolished due to a coup attempt

Imperial Decree II:The Absolute Monarchy

On September 19, 2012 the Emperor of Unironia and then Consul Zachary Sparks signed an edict that dismissed the Imperial Council and created a absolute monarchy ruled by the Emperor and with advice from the Consul.

Dismissal of the Consul

The Emperor dismissed the ConsuL after a financial scandal, then created a new advisory cabinet, the Council of State. it was led by a President.

The 2013 Imperial Charter

In November 2013 the Emperor decided that the Council of State had broken down and become inefficient so therefore he passed an edict to adopt a new government charter that created the position of Chancellor. This would remain the basis for the law of the land until the dissolution of the Empire in 2017.

Imperialism in 2014

During 2014 the Unironic Empire annexed several nations in order to expand its borders and influence, these include but are not limited to Hampsta, Kilan, and Istoria. This time played host to the gradual shift of power from the military to various estate bound nobles which contributed to stagnation.

Expansion of the nobility

During this time the Unironic nobility began to expand due to the new feudal creations in Unironic State monarchies. Since every state had a slightly different system for nobility it led to an overall breakdown of the aristocracy.

Paramount Laws of the Realm

In September 2015 the Emperor drafted a new government charter that was meant to clear up any confusions and officially define the powers of nobles and state monarchs. It had overwhelming support at first but eventually lost traction due to a lot of criticism that it was too medieval in nature to be adopted in the present day, also liberals worried that it would lead to religious conservatism in the government that hadn't ever previously.

2016-17: The Decline and Fall of the First Empire

By 2016 the Imperial system had become stagnated and obsolete and only remained in place, according to Unironic scholars, by time immemorial. A few new edicts were passed in 2016 and 2017 by the central government, one to ban trained animal shows and the other to legalize cannabis universally. In May 2017 Crizopolis broke away from the Empire in a bloodless coup to form the Crizopolis Commune. It would last until the Empire dissolved. In 2017 a political party called the Unironic Legion of Liberty attempted to save the monarchy by calling for constitutional and social reform but still remaining monarchist to its core. This effort was too little, too late due to the dissatisfaction of the nation as a whole with an obsolete system of government that was incapable of reform. On November 17, 2018 the Declaration of Abolition was signed legally abolishing both the monarchy and the Empire.

Unironic State and the Republic

a provisional government was established in the wake of the abolition of the Unironic Monarchy which later reorganized into the Unironic Democratic Republic to facilitate free elections which would never take place. A mixture of corruption, poor statesmanship and worldwide disillusionment with some previously touted tenants of modernity led to displeasure with the Republics`s government.

Restoration of the Empire

On August 20, 2021 a unilateral restoration of the monarchy was declared by the presiding government in line with overwhelming public opinion.