Imperial Guard (Austenasia)

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Imperial Guard

Emperor Father Terry as Captain of the Guard, 2022
Active 25 July 2020 - present
Country Empire of Austenasia
Engagements None to date
Imperator HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Captain HIH Emperor Father Terry
General information
Personnel 3

The Imperial Guard is the elite bodyguard unit of the Monarch of the Empire of Austenasia, and is the only military unit of the Austenasian Armed Forces that is ordinarily on active service. It is composed of guards personally recruited by the Monarch.

The Imperial Guard was founded by Emperor Jonathan I on 25 July 2020 with the recruitment of its first two guards. One - Emperor Father Terry, who was appointed Captain of the unit - is stationed in Wrythe, and the other near Deva Victrix, thereby having a guard available for each of the two locations then most frequently visited by the Emperor. On 7 November 2022, Jonathan I appointed his sister-in-law Lady Tania, Countess of Memphis as a third Imperial Guard.