Empire of Evita

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Empire of Evita

"Enim Deus et imperii (Latin: For God and Empire)
Apartment building in Denver
Capital cityEmperors Royal City
Largest cityEmperors Royal City
Official language(s)English and Evitian (In Development)
Official religion(s)Evitian Orthodox
Short nameEvita
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- EmperorHis Imperial Majesty Kenneth I
- Imperial Crown PrinceHis Imperial Highness Dean I
Area claimed1km²
Population13 (as of nation creation)
Time zoneMST
National sportMMA
National animalLynx
Patron saintSt. Francis of Assisi


The Empire of Evita is a micronation founded on August 1, 2012, when Kenneth I declared its secession. It claims an apartment building in Denver. A Christian nation, Evita is steeped in old values and traditions, aiming to balance traditionalism with modernism. It is an absolute monarchy.


The Name Evita is a variant of the name Eva, after the emperor's late great aunt Eva, who raised him. Her values of faith, civics, and service inspired Evita's foundation.


The Empire of Evita was founded on August 1, 2012 by the emperor and his family. To create a nation where Godly values are paramount. To create a kingdom that is fair to all men, where all men have the chance to be someone, and where all men are affored opportunities. Emperor Kenneth I has set the foundation chosing people of all races, backgrounds and creeds to begin the building of this great nation.

The Nation is expected to celebrate its first annual Emperors Ball on September 4, 2012 where new citizens will be sworn in, the Emperor will make his intial decrees, and issue patents of nobility to those who would lead this nation. More history will come as we make it!"

Government and politics

Evita is an absolute monarchy. The government's philosphy is described as "rule with an iron fist and a velvet glove." head of state and government is the Emperor. Followed by the Crown Prince who is the Emperors Brother HIH Dean I, the line of succession next falls to the next brother HIH George Lang who serves as Lord of the Emperors Exchequer. The next person in the line of succession is HIH Kenneth Anderson who serves as Patriarch of the Church of Evita.

The people are represented by a parliment who meets once weekly with the Crown Prince. Issues are brought from the people to the ten members of the bicameral parliament, consistnig of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. These issues are debated and discussed by the assembled legislators. The Crown Prince then brings resolutions, advice, and news from the realm to the Emperor who then makes rulings via decree on said issues. Cities are ruled by vassal lords who are styled according to the lands they possess and by favor of the Monarch.

There are other officers who serve in the different ministries are often styled nobles, who serve at the Monarch's pleasure.

Line of Succession
His Imperial Majesty, King Kenneth I (HTK), Emperor of Evita, Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church of Evita, Sovereign of the Armies of Evita, Grand Knight Commander of the Holy Table Knighthood (HTK) of Evita
+ His Imperial Highness Dean I, Crown Prince of Evita
++ His Imperial Highness George Lang, Lord of the Emperors Exchequer
+++ His Imperial Highness Kenneth Anderson, Patriarch of the Church of Evita
++++ Her Grace, Sarah I, Duchess of Terra Reserve

Ministries and Lords Over Them
+ Ministry of Defense: TBA
+ Ministry of the Exchequer: TBA
+ Ministry of Foreign Relations: HIH George Lang, Minister of Foreign Relations
+ Ministry of the Interior: TBA
+ Ministry of Media, Recreation and Protocol: TBA, Minsiter of Media, Recreation and Protocol
+ The Church of Evita: His Holiness, HIH Kenneth Anderson, Patriarch of the Church (He is brother to the Emperor, and is leader of the chruch in his brothers stead, he is both prince royal and prince spiritual.)

Law and order

Law and Order is considered extremely important in Evita. The National Police Force, commanded by the Lord Commissioner of Police, is seen as extremely efficent. The only judicial body is the Emperor's Court. The Court is presided over by a Judge selected by the Emperor. Appeals are made directly to the Emperor.
Lord Commissioner of Police: TBA
Supreme Justice of the Emperors Court: TBA

Foreign relations

Being a small nation and newly formed we have yet to build alliances and treaty's with other nations. The Emperor and the Minister of Foreign Relations is working hard to rectify this, as any new developing country needs strong allies and ties to the world. Interested persons can contact the Emperor at him@evitaempire.org

Countries with formal relations

  • The Nation of Secundia
  • The Federal Empire of Knoll Island
  • The Nation of Zirconic
  • The Republic of the Bobodolands
  • The Nation of Skyland.
  • Kingdom of Überstadt

Countries We've Recognized

  • Republic of Ultamiya

Countries that are enemies to the empire

International Organizations we've joined


The Empire works hard to maintain a strong military. For it believes in the old saying by Vegitus, if you want peace, prepare for war. We maintain an active army at this time with naval and air units coming into development. Compulsary military service is enacted at age 18 when one finished preperatory school, or as young as 14 if that person drops out of school or becomes truant. We believe that our nation's keystone ability is the defend itself. And we believe in the Military as an effective program to develop stronger adults.

Chain of Command: HIM, Kenneth I, Sovereign Leader of the Armies of Evia
- The Minister of Defense: TBA
-- The Lord General of the Army: TBA (this goes for all our armed services as they are formed).
--- Staff Generals

Brigade Commanders

Regiment Commanders

Battalion Commanders

Company Commanders

Platoon Leaders

Squad Leaders

Fire Team Leaders

Individual Soldiers

Geography and climate

Evita Skies.

Evita lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone (Köppen climate classification BSk)[41] with four distinct seasons and modest annual precipitation spread through the year. Due to its inland location on the High Plains, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, weather patterns in Evita, like all cities along the eastern edge of the rocky mountains can be subject to rapid, volatile yet brief changes.[42] Evita’s climate is very sunny averaging 3,106 hours or 300 days of sunshine a year.[43] July is the warmest month of the year, with high temperatures averaging almost 90 °F (32 °C) and lows averaging around 60 °F (16 °C) resulting in a mean monthly temperature of 74.2 °F (23.4 °C), according to the most recent monthly data compiled by the National Weather Service out of Evita. Summers range from mild to hot with occasional afternoon thunderstorms. December is the coldest month of the year with an average high temperature of 44 °F (7 °C) and an average low temperature of 18 °F (−8 °C) resulting in an average monthly temperature of 30.7 °F (−0.7 °C). Winters range from mild to occasional bitter cold, with periods of snow alternating with periods of mild weather, the result of chinook winds. Days above 50 °F (10 °C) are common during winter, and alternate with cold snaps, the result of which produce temperatures below 0 °F (−18 °C) on 6.8 days per year.[44] Snowfall in Evita is common in the winter, averaging 61.8 inches (157 cm) a season during the 1971−2000 period,[45] but falling to 53 inches (130 cm) for 1981−2010.[44] The average first frost in Evita is October 4, and the average last frost is April 30, allowing a growing season of around 150 days.[46] Due to its inland location on the High Plains, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, weather patterns in Evita, like all cities along the eastern edge of the rocky mountains can be subject to rapid, volatile yet brief changes.[47] The lowest temperature ever recorded in Evita was recorded on January 9, 1875 at −29 °F (−34 °C). The highest temperature ever recorded in Evita is 105 °F (41 °C) (National Weather Service) on August 8, 1878, July 20, 2005, June 25, 2012 and June 26, 2012. [48]

Administrative Districts

Duchy of Battenhelm

A beautiful part of the empire, filled with life and activity. People of this duchy are the social persons of the empire.
Duke of Battenhelm: TBA

Counties of Battenhelm

  • Emperors Royal County, Where the Capital is located as well as surrounding areas.

-- Earl of the Emperors Royal County: Vacant
--- Cities in the Emperors Royal County: The Emperors Royal City

Duchy of Greenberg

A quiet place. A place where its people pride themselves on inward reflection. The thinkers of the Empire hail from here.
Duchess of Greenberg: TBA

Duchy of Eva

Utility is key. The people of this Duchy work hard. They are the ones who put the shoulder to the wheel. Without them Evita is lost.
Duke of Eva: TBA

Duchy of Terra Reserve

Beauty is life here. This is the place where the people of the Empire go to relax. Every empire needs nature, and places to let the hair down and relax.
Duchess of Terra Reserve: Her Grace, Sarah I

Duchy of Storensia

Keepers of secrets. This is the place where our intelegence service is headquartered. Be careful, all the secrets lie here.
Duke of Storensia: TBA


Evita has a strong economy powered by its GDP and its main exports of Technological gear. We also offer banking services that other nations can utilize, offering stable backing of money with pure gold, secure accounts, and tax havens for corporation. Our Minister of the Interior oversee's the economy and trade with other nations.
Minister of the Interior: TBA

Companies that Operate in Evita
- DJ Kenvincible Music


We are a very cannon tradition based upon our church. Our devotion to God is shown in everything we do. We love the arts and host multiple academys of art within our realm. We also love theater, music, and comedy, keeping our people laughing for years to come. We are steeped in tradition. Mis speaking or using improper titles is taboo in our nation and could end up giving you serious consequences.

Our nation celebrates two cultures prodominently. English (UK), and African. African came from most of the members being of that heritage, and english for the same reason but for the minority. We also have heavy doses of US Culture mixed into our culture.

For example, most of our State Government Meetings are held in Taverns or Pubs. We enjoy healthy doses of libations (some drink alcohol, some dont including his Imperial Majesty) We like to celebrate the great outdoors by having BBQ's and Parties in our nature reserve (Our BBQ Pit) More will come to this section as we develop our nation.

National Honours and Awards

Being a Monarchy keeping with an older style of rule awards and honours are of supreme importance to the Empire. These are our Awards and Honours.
- The Order of the Lords Table, Our Highest Honour only reserved for Evitans who have distinguished themselves in helping to build the nation. Members may use the style OLT after thier names.
- The Most Holy Knighthood of Evita, This honour is reserved for Statesmen who have made advances in the Micronational World.
- The Evitan Medal, A Medal awarded to scientist, peacemakers, and people of culture within Evita and without. Its comparative to the Nobel Peace Prize.


- August 1, Empire Day, Celebrating our foundation and start.
- September 4, Annual Imperial Ball
- Decemver, Kwanza, Celebrating African Heritage.
- December 25, Christmas
- Easter, Another holiday dedicated to the savior.
- April 18, His Imperial Majesty's Birthday


The Empire Wire Service serves as the main news outlet for our micronation. You can get a link to it in our external links list. We also have a radio station called Radio Evita which plays music, and offers shows of interest to citizens. We will soon launch the Evita News Network (ENN) where people from both within Evita and Without Evita can come for thier news.

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