Kenneth I, Emperor of Evita

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His Imperial Majesty
Kenneth I
HIM. Kenneth I Official Picture
Emperor of Empire of Evita
In office
August 1, 2012 - present
Crown Prince HIH. Dean I
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor HIH. Dean I (Apparant)
Personal information
Citizenship Empire of Evita, American
Nationality American
Ethnicity African, Jordanian, Blackfoot Indian, English
Occupation College Student, BYU Idaho and Network Marketing
Religion Latter-day Saint (Mormon)

Kenneth I is a new ruler in the realm of Micronations. Born in Denver, Colorado he and a group of friends and students decided to found the Empire of Evita in August 2012. Kenneth is a philanthrapist running several non profit for the improvement of civil rights, and is also a life long student. Assuming the throne, he is absolute yet tries to be fair. And involves his savior Jesus Christ in all his decisions, for he states "The Kingdom is his, i'm just his servant ruler."

Early life

Born in 1979 in Denver Colorado, Kenneth was born to Sanford Denton and Lassie Green. Raised by his great aunt Eva he began his life fighting various difficulties. Born with a series of health issues it wasent believed that he would even graduate high school. He did that in 1997 when he graduated from Montbello High. He next attended Parks College where he obtained a degree in international business and politics. He's dated many woment but only has one consort who he plans to marry. His interests include swimming, rowing, painting, French cooking and culinary arts. He currently owns the dreams realized action network a non profit in the us and Kenvincible Inc. He also operates a radio station with as Di Kenvincible.

Early micronationalism

Kenneth I began his experimentation with micornationalism back in 2001 when he founded the Peoples Republic of Awesome. It was a small high school project which won him great acclaim. He has always been in politics and so it wasent too long before he rediscovered micronations. Getting together with a group of friends he founded the Empire of Evita, and plans on being very active in the professional world of micronations. He is a stickler on professionalism. Really taking his nation with seriousness. He also wants his nation to have fun and enjoy things together. He plans on laying down alliances soon and opening diplomatic ties to a variety of nations. It is also his goal to take part in some of the multi national organizations and try to help Micronationalism as a whole.

Evita Redux, 2013

Evita has had much success in its first year in the world of Micronations. We have acquired our own piece of land for use of the nation bordering the New Mexico Area of the United States of America. We have lost two prominent members of the Empire, but more are joining our Empire daily. With a restructuring of the Government, he's taken most of the responsibilities and heaping them upon the royal family.

Political views


His views are simple. Each nation should be left to govern itself. He believes in the Soverignty of each nation. And believes that its people should be the ones to focus its futures and outcomes. He believes in micronational organizations. Mostly because its a avenue where people can come together and discuss ideas and make micronations better as a whole.


And while he will not let any foreign leader dictate what happens in his Empire, he is more than willing to work together in peace and with professionalism to make the world of micronations better.

Internal Politics

Awards, honors, and titles


  • Ambassador's Ribbon, The Most Serene Republic of Trystansburg


Full style

His Holy and Imperial Majesty Kenneth I, Emperor of the Empire of Evita, Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church of Evita, Supreme Commander of the Evitian Armed Forces