Centrist Anglican Party of Sorrenia

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Centrist Anglican Party
Canolbleidiol Anglicanaidd Parti o Sorrenia
LeaderLlewelyn Lawton
HeadquartersAmon Lasgalen
Ideology • Christian Democracy
 • Egalitarianism
 • Centrism
 • Environmentalism
National affiliationSorrenian Flag.jpg Sorrenian Federation
Official coloursOrange

The The Centrist Anglican Party, usually referred to simply as the Anglican Party was a democratic centrist party in the Sorrenian Federation. With ideology based on the teachings of Christian Jesus, the party espoused peace, tolerance and love, coupled with centrist economic values.

As one of the founding parties, it remained prominent for some time, under the leadership of Llewelyn Lawton. However, after the National Assembly passed a secularism bill, Chairman Lawton was given a choice to disband the party or rid the religious elements. Due to dissatisfaction with Sorrenia, which was further exemplified by the secularism bill passing, Llewelyn disbanded the party and left Sorrenia (however rejoined later).

The party is now a simple footnote in Sorrenia's political history, sometimes cited as the reason for the hotly contested secularism bill being passed in the first place.