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Flammancian Media Network
Type Broadcaster, Media Network
Availability International
Twitter @flamn_news
Facebook @flamnmedia
Key People David Ross, Director and vice producer
Tom Barham, Producer and technical manager
Established 2015

FLAMN is an independent Micronational public broadcaster and media network. It is responsible for producing and broadcasting media relating to Micronations and Micronational news. FLAMN focuses on bringing high-quality, innovative, quality, and accurate media to the Micronational community. The media is primarily broadcast on video sharing websites such as Youtube.

Television programming

Silofais Convention Discussion

The first livestream broadcast by the News branch of FLAMN on 29/04/2017, discussing the recent Silofais Ratification Convention and other Micronational news. It was hosted by David Ross and produced by Tom Barham. It can be watched on Youtube at https://youtu.be/GimBgV6eipg.

Microvision 2017

FLAMN is responsible for Microvision 2017 (date to be confirmed), which will be live-streamed on Youtube, as well as provided to other hosting partners for other broadcasts.


FLAMN was initially formed in 2015 as the Flammancia Media Network - a network dedicated to producing content for the Flammancia micronation. When Flammancia was disbanded later in the year, it became a separate independent network, with its primarily goal to run a live version of the Microvision Song Contest at the end of 2016. Due to the FLAMN members being unavailable, this was postponed to the end of 2017.


Currently, FLAMN is composed of two full-time members, with various other Flammancians also involved. The full-time members are: