Rhinoceros Party of Jupiter

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Rhinoceros Party of Jupiter
LeaderHM King Max I
SloganBe Inspired
HeadquartersRoyal House, JTP
Membership  (2016)4
IdeologyLibertarian and Pragmatism
Official colorsGreen, Yellow, Blue
National Policy Council2
Seats in the Jovian Senate3

The Rhinoceros Party of Jupiter is a political party based in the Kingdom of Jupiter. It is considered left-wing within Jupiter but according to its July 2017 platform it considers itself to be libertarian, but mostly pragmatic. Founded by HM King Max I after political parties became legal. The executive (or royal) branch of the Government is mainly run by this Party due to the King being the Leader and General Parsons of KOJAF being an Executive Officer. Additionally Parsons is the High Justice of the High Court of Jupiter.