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The Penn Federal Republic identifies itself as a presidential federal republic. Following the ideals of federalism and democracy, the Penn Federal Republic has numerous political parties all across the political spectrum in an effort to better represent the wishes of the nation's citizens. Opposing from a two-party system, the Purcell Administration signed Executive Order 002, authorizing the creation of numerous political parties to attempt to deviate from the two-party system.

List of Political Parties

Many political parties are active in the nation, and new parties are constantly being created, merged, disbanded, and more by the nation's citizens.

Logo Name Ideology Slogan Established Current Leader Past Leaders Seat Count Elections Won
N/A Constitutionalist Party Centrist Uphold the Constitution! 2020 Devin Purcell N/A 2 2 (2020 and 2022)
Populares-Conservatives Party Center-Right Est Unitatis In Division. 2022 Nicholas Fisher N/A 1 0
N/A Tolerantia Internationale Parstollism N/A 2022 Joseph Montgomery N/A 1 0
N/A People's Power Right-Wing Nationalism Hey Nazis, Touch Grass. 2022 Thomas Jacobs N/A 1 0
N/A Land Down Under Republican Do you come from a land down under? 2022 Daniel Carroll N/A 0 0
Put in later Union of Republic France and Texas Centrism, Libertarianism, Capitalism If you're poor, then just get good 2022 Aaditya Joshi N/A 1 0
Socialist Party Left-wing for a Better Future 2022 Jebediah Powell Esty Carpentieri 0 0