Vice President of Penn

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Vice President of the Penn Federal Republic
Suryadeva Kapei

since 24 January 2023
Office of the President
StyleHis Excellency
Reports toPresident
ResidenceMedici City
During campaign and/or by nomination
Term length2 years
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Penn Federal Republic
Formation31 December 2022
First holderKaiden "Stx" Wooten

The Vice President is the second highest political position in the Penn Federal Republic, only under the President. The Vice President is the appointed by a Presidential candidate before the election.


The main responsibilities of the Vice President include being the deputy head of state and government of the Penn Federal Republic, contributing to most of the decisions on overall policy in the nation, and is responsible of overseeing various Ministries and Departments in the federal government.

List of Vice Presidents

No. Portrait Name Party Tenure of office
Took office Left office Term Term count
1 Kaiden "Stx" Wooten Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 31 December 2020 26 August 2021 239 days 1
2 Jared Racey Independent 26 August 2021 30 March 2022 207 days 1
3 Kaiden "Stx" Wooten Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 30 March 2022 14 July 2022 107 days 1 (cont.)
4 Thomas Jacobs People's Power Party (PFR) 14 July 2022 9 October 2022 88 days 1
5 Kaiden "Stx" Wooten Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 9 October 2022 28 November 2022 51 days 2
6 Vacant N/A 28 November 2022 24 January 2023 57 days N/A
6 Suryadeva Kapei Penn National Party 24 January 2023 Incumbent 1 year, 125 days 1
6 Nicholas Fisher Populares Conservatives Party 26 July 2023 Incumbent 307 days 1

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