Ministry of State (Penn)

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Ministry of State
Ministry of State for the Penn Federal Republic
Ministry of State (PFR) seal
Logo of the Ministry of State
Ministry overview
JurisdictionPenn Federal Republic
HeadquartersDistrict of Medici
Minister responsible
  • Suryadeva Kapei, Minister of State
Child agencies
  • Department of Foreign Relations
  • Department of Immigration

The Ministry of State is a government ministry on the federal level of the Penn Federal Republic. The ministry was formed to coordinate diplomatic relations with foreign relations outside of the Office of the President. The history of the ministry is unknown, but the ministry became quite active after HE Suryadeva Kapei (N-MC) agreed to take the position of the Minister of State, which was offered by the President HE Devin Purcell (C-MC) after the 2022 Pennian general election.

As stated by the constitution, the Ministry of State consists of the Minister of State, a Vice Minister, and the Secretaries of the Department of Immigration and the Department of Foreign Relations and Affairs.[1]

Department of Foreign Relations

The duties of the Department of Foreign Relations is to encourage various micronations to establish mutual recognition and diplomatic relations with Penn. The department consists of Secretary of Foreign Relations and Affairs, an Undersecretary, and all diplomatic personnel, including but not limited to, consuls, ambassadors, and other representatives.

Department of Immigration

The duties of the Department of Immigration is to grant or revoke the citizenship of people and restrict unwanted people willing to apply citizenship for malpractices. The department is divided into the Secretary of Immigration, an Undersecretary, and all immigration officials. The stated positions are currently vacant but recruitment for these positions will be done soon.