Aaditya Joshi

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His Excellency
Aaditya Joshi
Representative of the Stxia Region (PFR)
In office:
29 April – 20 December 2022
President Devin Purcell
Vice President See list
Governor Matthew Laptev
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
Caucus Majority (9%)
Nationality  United States
Political party IRS Party (Penn)

Aaditya Joshi is an American micronational politician known for holding the office of Representative of the Stxia Region to the Penn Federal Republic.


Joshi served as a Representative for the Penn Federal Republic from the Stxia Region from 29 April 2022 to 20 December 2022. He was an outspoken critic of the Purcell Administration, with his manner and attitude in the Federal Assembly reportedly receiving him a strike from then Interim Speaker Nicholas Fisher.[1]

He assisted in the creation of the IRS Party with fellow Representative Mason Walker, with the party holding two seats in the Federal Assembly during his tenure.[citation needed]

Criminal charges

After allegations of voter intimidation during and following an election in the Federal Assembly to nominate and elect a Speaker of the Assembly, Joshi allegedly caused bots to join the nation's Discord server, causing disruption to the operations of the nation.[citation needed] The event prompted Minister of Defense Nicholas Fisher and Judge Griffin Montbridge to sign off on a warrant on charges of domestic terrorism among others.[citation needed] Joshi is scheduled to appear before the nation's Supreme Court by mid-January 2023, due to holiday recess.[citation needed]


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