Federal Assembly (Penn)

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Federal Assembly of Penn
Founded24 April 2022 (2022-04-24)
Preceded byProvisional Senate (2020-2022)
Nicholas Fisher, PC
since 8 January 2023
Zed Smith, IND
since 8 January 2023
Political groups
Government (9)
  •   C (2)
  •   PC (1)
  •   TI (1)
  •   N (1)
  •   FJP (1)
  •   IR (1)
  •   IND (2)
First past the post
Meeting place

The Federal Assembly of the Penn Federal Republic is a unicameral parliament that acts as the supreme legislative body in the Penn Federal Republic.


The Federal Assembly was established on 24 April 2022, by the passing of the Foundational Senate Act of 2022, which was passed unanimously by the Provisional Senate, an interim body with members appointed by the President. The Federal Assembly has been ridden with controversy, with multiple Representatives being impeached.[1]


Representatives are from three constituencies, which each have three seats each.

State Title Name Party Serving Since
District of Medici Representative Devin Purcell Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 24 April 2022
Representative Mason Walker Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 29 November 2022
Representative Suryadeva Kapei Penn National Party 24 April 2022
State of Randouler Speaker Nicholas Fisher Populares-Conservatives Party (Penn) 3 May 2022
Deputy Speaker Zed Smith Independent 1 November 2022
Representative Joseph Montgomery Tolentaria Internationale Party (Penn) 3 May 2022
Stxia Region Representative Matthew Laptev independent 26 April 2022
Representative Tobey Wyles Constitutionalist Party (Penn) 29 January 2023
Representative Fabian Jusep Freedom and Justice Party 29 January 2023


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