Dracul-Graustarkian Affair

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Dracul-Graustarkian Affair
Date5 September 2021 - 7 September 2021
Result Peace declared, neither side claims fault

 Commonwealth of Dracul

Draculian Army

Heimatian Colonial Empire[1]

Diplomatic support

Penn Federal Republic

The Imperial States of Forestria

Principality of Graustark

Graustarkian Royal Army

Diplomatic support

Holy Violet Church
Commanders and leaders

Commonwealth of DraculDmitri Howie

Commonwealth of DraculStephen Luke

Commonwealth of DraculScott Jeanes

Logan LaChance

Devin Purcell

Charles von Graustark

Primate Hyacinth

The Dracul-Graustarkian Affair, also called the Dracul-Graustarkian War (or Conflict) by external observers, was a diplomatic dispute between the Commonwealth of Dracul and the Principality of Graustark, started by the Draculian declaration of war on the Principality of Graustark, after it was discovered that Charles von Graustark was spying on the Dracul government for Graustark.[citation needed]


First Draculian reaction

On 5 September 2021, the Draculian Department of Defense received a notification from His Excellency Stephen Luke, the Vice-President, which was informing that Charles von Graustark, a draculian citizen and the Graustarkian Prince, had confessed, during a phone call, that he had spied the Commonwealth of Dracul on behalf of the Graustarkian Principality. Immediately, Charles lost his Draculian citizenship and was accused of Treason and of Espionage. According to the tabloid newspaper Dracul 1 News, Charles was digitally arrested and was "being held digitally" in prison, awaiting his trial.

On Graustark's side

The Graustarkian reaction was less sharp,as the current Prince did not believe in micronational warfare and furthermore claimed that his words were meant jovially and weren't intended to be taken seriously.[citation needed] However, the Graustarkian Royal Army was still mobilized for the second time in the nation's history (the first one being two years ago, on 6 September 2019).[citation needed]

End of War

Two days after the crisis began, the Draculian and Graustarkian leaders agreed to end the conflict in another telephone call between Prince Graustark and Vice President Luke. Apart from Charles von Graustark's admission of his treason, no specific facts were noted by the Draculian Army, so there was no confirmation of the significance that the former Secretary of the Interior's had in any actual way conducted espionage against Dracul, namely due to the fact that Graustark's government had been up to that point completely inactive.[citation needed]

The interventions of other micronations outside the conflict likely led the two main countries not to declare this crisis as having been a 'real war'. In particular, Dracul claims to to continue his policy of not recognising the 'micronational war' and stated that the whole event was merely a 'Training Exercise'.[2]


Following the conclusion of hostilities, Dracul released a statement rebuking claims of the diplomatic spat having ever been a legitimate war, furthermore, the incident sparked reform within the Draculian Defense Department.[citation needed] The event also saw Charles' departure from Dracul to focus more on Graustark and later, Raphistan.[citation needed]

Intermicronational response

  • According to Dracul 1 News, the Heimatian Colonial Empire has declared its engagement into the war (as a diplomatic support), due to its "physical location and diplomacy".
  • The Holy Violet Church (raised up on 2020) has published a pontifical statement from the Primate Hyacinth, which expresses that because of the "awkward reaction" of the Commonwealth of Dracul about the affair, the Violetist Holy See is giving its diplomatic support to the Principality of Graustark, even if it is known that Charles Von Graustark is effectively guilty of the espionage. The final reaction (lost due to the deletion of the website) of the Violetist Church was released the following day, through a second press release, which send acknowledgements to all of the participants of the affair, for its positive conclusion and the peaceful behavior between each other.
  •  Grand Republic of Cycoldia Christina I & II stated in a post on twitter saying "We are not amused." after clarifying that she was speaking about the statement that it was a military exercise.