Royal Army (Graustark)

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Military Branch

Flag of the Royal Army
Established 19 June 1871
Mobilized 6 September 2019
6 September 2021
Anthem "Hej Sokoły"
Headquarters Edelweiss, Principality of Graustark
General nature National Guard, Border Security
Strength 3
Minister of Defense Position vacant
General information
Standard weapon *Pocket Knife

*Model Mannlicher–Carcano M1891
*M16 Airsoft Rifle

Units *Royal Riflemen Core

*His Highness' Palace Guard

The Royal Army of Graustark is the nation's national military force. The primary purpose of the GRA (as the army is often called) is to protect the "country" during times of war, as well as to act as search and rescue/emergency personnel during disasters. The force also carries out a variety of other duties, such as guarding the royal residence in Arizona and securing the nation's border during times of high alert.

In September 2021, the Graustark royal military's Cyber Defense Unit (CDU) was breifly activated to help in the waging of a "war" against the Commonwealth of Dracul. Following the conclusion of the conflict, the CDU was once again disbanded.

(Proposed) Field Uniform