People's Democracy (Pinang)

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People's Democracy
President EmeritusEsty Carpentieri
SecretaryJoshua Braithwaite
SpokespersonDavid Brooke
Founded3 May 2021


Political positionfrom Centre-left to Left-wing
National affiliationPinangese Socialist Alliance
International affiliationUnited Left
Colors  Red
Chamber of Deputies
5 / 15
Senate of the Republic
4 / 9
5 / 11

People's Democracy (Italian: Democrazia Popolare), also known as PEDEM, was a democratic socialist political party in Pinang. The party was created on 3 May 2021 from the merger of Pinangese Socialist Party and Green Socialist Party.

During its existence it was one of the two most prominent party in Pinang along with the National Union Party. People’s Democracy merged on 11 May 2022 into United Left.


People's Democracy has been described as a left-wing, progressive, populist and democratic socialist party. The party supports an interventionist economic policy and is also strongly republican and secular.


The party is led by a Secretary, who coordinates the party with the help of a Spokesperson and the National Executive Committee. The founder holds the ceremonial office of President Emeritus.

National Executive Committee

Name Portrait Role
Esty Carpentieri Sir Esty.png President Emeritus
Joshua Braithewaite No-profile2.jpg Secretary and Leader
David Brooke David Brooke.png Spokesman
Thomas Jacobs Coat of Arms of Greater Roscam.png Member of the National Executive Committee
Lorenzo Marquez No-profile2.jpg Member of the National Executive Committee
Briallen Fydtroust-Trembert Lee Wiggans.png Member of the National Executive Committee
Chandrachur Basu No-profile2.jpg Member of the National Executive Committee
Woloo No-profile2.jpg Member of the National Executive Committee
Corvin No-profile2.jpg Independent Observer

Electoral Results

Presidential Elections

Election Presidential Candidate N° of votes % Notes
July 2021 Pinangese Presidential Election Eoin O'Lachtna 15/38 (1st round), 10/24 (2nd round) 39.47% (1st round), 41.7%(2nd round) not elected
November 2021 Pinangese presidential election Esty Carpentieri 35/57 61.4% elected
March 2022 Pinangese Presidential Election Esty Carpentieri 17/34 50% not elected

Legislative Elections

Election Leader N° of votes % Seats Notes
2021 Pinangese Senate election Joshua Braithewaite 20/47 42.55%
7 / 15
March 2022 Pinangese Legislative Election Joshua Braithewaite 12/34 35.3%
5 / 15