Foreign Affairs of Pinang

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Pinang has diplomatic relations with seven micronations.


Pinang signed a friendship and mutual recognition treaty on 23 November 2018 with Imvrassia during the 5th Esty Government. Imvrassia has been the first micronation which has recognised Pinang.


The Federal Republic of Baránok has diplomatic relations with Pinang since 28 April 2020 with a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition.

Principato delle Rogge Oscure

Pinang has signed a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship with Principato delle rogge oscure on 3rd June 2020. The two micronations recognize each other as micronations.


Cachu and Pinang opened diplomatic relations on 20 June 2020 with a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship.


Pinang and Belcity officially signed a friendship and recognition treaty on 18 August 2020 despite that already on 13 August 2020 Pinang had been recognized by Belcity and on 16 August 2020 also Belcity obtained recognition from Pinang.


Nations recognized [1]

(As micronation)

Nations which recognize Pinang

Nations not recognized

Governments and Heads of state and Head of Government not recognized


  1. Nations recognised by Pinang