Second Republic of Pinang

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The Second Republic of Pinang (Italian: Seconda Repubblica di Pinang), officially Democratic Republic of Pinang (Italian: Repubblica Democratica di Pinang), was a landlocked micronation located in Southern Europe.

Democratic Republic of Pinang (EN)

Repubblica Democratica di Pinang (IT)

Демократическая Республика Пинанг (RU)

Flag.Pinang 1.png Flag

Libertà, Giustizia e Progresso
(Freedom, Justice, and Progress)
Southern Europe
Capital cityEstosadok(21 October 2019-12 March 2020) Estosadok-Costituzione (12 March 2020-2 May 2020)
Official language(s)Italian
Official religion(s)secular state
Short namePinang
GovernmentPresidential Unitary Republic (October 2019-February 2020) Directorial Unitary Republic
- Head of StatePresident Esty (October 2019-February 2020) Triumvirate of Pinang (February 2020-May 2020)
LegislatureNational Senate of Pinang (October 2019-February 2020) Triumvirate of Pinang (February 2020-May 2020)
Established21 October 2019
Area claimed<0,3 km²
Time zoneUTC+1 (UTC+2 in summer)
National dishDöner Kebab
National drinkKvas (non-alcoholic variety)
National animalFlying sloth


The Democratic Republic of Pinang or Second Republic of Pinang was created on 21 October 2019 the day after the approval of the new constitution. The first presidential election was won by the former premier Esty. On 2 February 2020, the current constitution entered into force and on 22 March 2020 after a referendum, the Julian calendar became the state calendar.


During the First Constitution

The Democratic Republic of Pinang during the first constitution was an unicameral Presidential Republic. The President was elected by the people every five Months and every month chose the ministers. The Grand Chancellor was chosen by the president every 3 months. The Grand Chancellor was the head of the Police and the deputy of the President. The National Senate was elected by the people every 3 months.

During the Second Constitution

The Democratic Republic of Pinang during the Second Constitution was a directorial Unitary Republic directed by the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate had executive and legislative powers and it was composed by three offices:

  • Chancellor - He Managed the economy, health policies and administers the State Police and Secret Services.
  • Stratega-He Managed international relations, territorial affairs, culture and appoints provincial governors.
  • State Secretary - He Managed Public Security and State Defense. He administered the Military Forces and exercised the function of Minister of Defense.
Office Title Party Proxies
Chancellor former Archduke PLC Economy, Health, Statal Police and Secret Services
Stratega Ex President Esty PLC Foreign Affairs, Culture and territorial affairs
Secretary of State Mayor of Bazhong IND Defence and Military Forces

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Nations recognized

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Governments and Heads of state not recognized