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Moravian republic

Moravo, Moravo
Capital cityOlomouc
Largest cityBrno
Official language(s)moravian
Short nameMoravia
- Prime MinisterFrantišek Otta
LegislatureMoravian National Council
- Type - One-chamber parliament
- Number of seats - 101
Area claimed26.807
CurrencyCzechoslovak Crown

Moravia, the official name the Moravian Republic (in moravian Moravská repôblêka), is a landlocked micronation in central Europe. It has an area of 26.808 km2 and there live approximately 4 million people. It's bordering with Bohemia, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The main city is Olomouc, the most populous city is Brno. Moravian Republic is a democratic republic, the state language is Moravian. Moravia is a member of the League of Micronations. Moravian currency is the Moravian gulden.


Political System

The Republic of Moravia is a pluralist parliamentary type of democracy.


Parliament (Moravian National Council) is the supreme authority of the legislature. It has 101 members - deputies elected in a democratic election that takes place every four years. The electoral system for elections to the Moravian National Council is proportional, the deputies get their mandate as individuals on the candidate, so it is not possible to withdraw it in case of contradictions with the line of the party on whose candidate list they stand.


The Government of the Moravian Republic consists of ministers who have emerged from political parties that have formed a majority coalition, ie one with more than 51 MPs in the plenum of the Moravian National Council. The head of the government is its Prime Minister, who does not have his own ministerial agenda.


President of the Republic Moravian together with the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Moravian National Council are the highest constitutional official of the Republic. Its function is more of a formal function. His powers include, for example, the appointment of a future prime minister by the formation of a government he subsequently appoints. In addition, the President appoints higher state officials, generals, professors, and rectors. President is the head of state. Cuurently, the position of the President of the Moravian Republic is vacant.