Holy Athérenon Empire

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Holy Athérenon Empire
Spanish: Sacro Imperio de Athérenon
Flag of SIATH or Athérenon
Coat of arms of SIATH or Athérenon
Coat of arms
"Gloria Perpetua"
"Perpetual Glory"Spanish
Holy Athérenon Empire's territories.
Holy Athérenon Empire's territories.
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish
Religion(2018)Predominantly Umbramortism
Also Roman Catholicism and
Freedom of religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperor
Alejandro I
Great Duke Jorge Díaz de Sifaris
LegislatureImperial Court
• 2019 census
CGSC (2020) 3.20
high · 27th
Time zoneSPT (capital) (UTC+2)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+34

The Holy Athérenon Empire, SIATH for its acronym in Spanish, is a micronation founded on october 22th 2014, however, it comes from the Dark Shadow Empire, an organization present in various games, in a serious and formal way, such as Imperivm III the Great Battles of Rome (2004), being the reference of the Imperial Calendar, Monster Hunter Tri (2011), American Conquest etc, whose beginnings date back to 2007. The Dark Shadow Empire, precursor of SIATH, was officially founded with the creation of its forum , (now inactive) in 2011 (http://dark-shadow.foroactivo.com/)

Currently the Holy Athérenon Empire is constituted as a micronation, considering all the members of its alliances and clans in various games as citizens of the Empire. Regarding the political organization, the Holy Athérenon Empire is considered a Theocratic Empire, since the political and religious power emanate from the person of the Emperor, deified in life, so that in turn, the absolute monarchy is justified.

Regarding religion, all of them are accepted and allowed, as long as they respect and allow the Holy Church of Eradication to preach Umbramortism with total freedom and power. Currently, there are two official religions in the Empire, which are Umbramortism and Roman Catholic Christianity. The only difference that exists between these and the other religions is that those adopted by the Empire can receive rents and are promoted by the authorities.

The Holy Empire fights to protect human rights against those who do not respect them. We consider that our citizens are the most important of the Empire, therefore, they enjoy freedom of expression, security and support of the Empire if they need it in any aspect or scenario. Therefore, it can be said that SIATH is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious empire.

The current seat of the Holy Athérenon Empire is in SPAIN, being the physical capital of Almería itself.

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