Iroisian Empire of Armorica

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Iroisian Empire of Armorica
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High Hopes, Pink Floyd
Capital city Nevez-Ys
Largest city Brest
Official language(s) Arabic, Bambara, Breton, Creole, French
Official religion(s) Lay
Demonym Iroisian
Government Empire
Legislature 1st Imperial Citizen Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established November 25th, 2014 (Nation)
January 29th, 2015 (Empire)
Area claimed 10 acres
Population 51
Currency Ir
Time zone (UTC+0)
National animal Phoenix


== Iroisian Empire of Armorica ==

The Iroisian Empire of Armorica was proclamed after a coup against the Iroisian People's Republic, the 29th of January 2015. The Empire's territory is located in Brittany.


The Iroisian Empire of Armorica is ruled by the Emperor, today Igor the Ist. This is a Constitutional Empire, but the Emperor is still very powerful and appoints the ministers. Meanwhile, a National Assembly, composed of elected representatives from the local assemblies, are guiding the Imperial Politics.


Carte de l'Empire.png The Empire is located in the West of Brittany, and the Nouvelle-Iroise, the main part of the Empire's commonwealth, in Kreiz Breizh., the central region of Brittany. The Capital City, Nevez-Ys, is based on the Round Island, in front of the Plougastell Peninsula.


The Iroisian currency, the Ir, was created by the Imperial Bank, managed by the Minister of Economy, and a co-director, named by the Emperor. When the private factories and firms are allowed, the government's policy is close to the Planned Economy. The management of the Empire can also be defined as Socialist, because of the regular Economic Plans of the government in the nationalized sectors, for example the property business.

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

The Iroisian Empire of Armorica had signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the following Micronations : -The Popular Union of Occitania [2] -The Aerican Empire [3] -The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and his Commonwealth [4] -The Principalty of Aigues-Mortes [5]