Empire of Northwood

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Government: Absolute Monarchy
Location: Kirkby, Merseyside
Citizens: 31
Date of foundation: 2 March 2005
Leadership: King Vincent
Language: English
Currency: Kirbitite
Religion: Christian
Website: None

The United Kingdoms of Northwood and Tower Hill and her Empire to its full name or either as Empire of Northwood or as it is more commonly refered to as Northwood was founded on 2 October 2005 by Paul Stevenson. He founded Northwood as an independent soverign micronation along with George Wilson, who founded his own micronation, Kingdom of Tower Hill but after a large war in 2007, the Kingdom of Tower Hill was to weak, and united with the Kingdom of Northwood, to form the Empire of Northwood.


Early History

On 2 March 2005 two friends, Paul Stevenson and George Wilson founded two micronations, to work together and at first, just for fun. On 14 March 2005 Paul Stevenson gave himself the title of King of Northwood, Protector of Westvale, also around the smae time George Wilson honoured himself as King of Tower Hill. On 18 March King Paul opened the Bank of Northwood and started printing bank notes, but later in the month the Bank had to stop printing due to a small independence movement in Westvale. King George of Tower Hill protested to King Paul that he cannot do anything about it, as Westvale was not part of the Kingdom of Northwood so King Paul stated that he shall correct that problem, and invaded Westvale on 20 April 2005. The invasion went smoothly and on 30 April 2005, a victory parade was held near the race track in Westvale.

Westvale Rebellion

Relative peace was happening for the next few months, but on 23 January 2006, what is known as the Westvale uprising occoured and after a small 'battle' the rebels won and the Northwoodian Armies retreated. After attacking again the Northwood Army could not gain control and abandoned all of Westvale's Fantail sector. After another large rebellion in the East on 5 February 2006, King Paul requested the help from their allies the Kingdom of Tower Hill and the Kingdom of Misthasia. No reply came from any of their allies and on 11 February 2006 King Paul lead another assault upon Westvale and finally took the enermy base. King Paul could not keep hold of Westvale and on 15 February 2006 the newly formed Republican Army, took the Fantail Sector and the Johnny Todd sector. As the stronghold was in the Johnny Todd sector the Northwoodians had been surrounded. On the 17 February 2006 King George of Tower Hill declared war upon the rebels and tried to liberate the trapped Northwood Army. After relieving them, both King's set out for sectors to capture. Tower Hill was set at capturing the Central and Johnny Todd sector and Northwood with the North and Fantail sector. All was going well for the Tower Hill Army and the Northwood Army until they came together at the Fantail Sector, around the railway. One last attempt to destroy the rebels was here. The battle became a disorginsed disaster, when King George ordered an attack before King Paul was ready and the entire force was destroyed and most retreated. King Paul quickly thrusted his men in, but it was to late, no-one could see where their forces where and King Paul and King George quickly ordered a retreat. On 3 March 2006, both King's surrendered to the rebel leader and left.

Union of the Crowns

On 2 April 2006, King George requested that the Kingdom of Tower Hill, be merged with the Kingdom of Northwood, due to Tower Hill becoming very vulnerable to Westvale's growing strength. The new monarch of Northwood, King Vincent accepted the proposition and took the title of King Vincent of the United Kingdoms of Northwood and Tower Hill, Emperor of the Southdean territories. Peace has lasted since the Union, and after King Paul's abdication, and the accention of his brother Vincent. King Vincent also requested that the Empire sign the Treaty of Aintree, to furthur foreign relations.

The Northwood Civil War

On 9 March 2009 King Vincent was informed that the territories of Southdean had rose up in a bid for independence, lead by Trevor Howrth to form a new state. At the same time General Jacob Frobisher had begun an independence movement in the South-East, named 'The Red Faction'. After defecting from the Northwood Army he saw his chance and rallied a small group of followers. The men began to systematically remove any presence of the Empire and set up defences in Park and open areas. The Red Faction has allied itself with the Empire in destroying the Independence movement and try to keep its own independence. General Frederick Remus renamed himself General Frederick Rommel on the day of the S.I.M bid for independence and took command of the entire armed forces. The new S.I.M government ordered an invasion of the Kingdom of Altania to secure a homeland for them if they are pushed out of the Empire. On 10 March 2009 another unknown force from the Northern Sector invaded the Empire and have captured Norht-West Northwood. The attack on Altania was called off until a later date as the Northwood Army attacked and the force was moved to the border.

The ceasefire between The Red Faction and the Empire of Northwood ended on the 16 March when The Red Faction invaded and came upon the join High Union of Nations coalition Army and the Northwood Army. The Faction reched half a mile north, until they were pushed back about one quater of a mile and they held ground their. The battle lasted from 5:40pm – 6:50pm with a coalition victory and the Faction was pushed back across the border and the Coalition Armies are now in The Red Faction's borders.

Whilst in a meeting with King Ian the Great of Camuria a DVD was sent for the two leaders to view. It showed the Red Factions flag being raised over the lands north of the river Alt that were occupied by the Kingdom of Altania. King Vincent and King Ian II both started negotiations but King Daniel of Altania has begun preperations for a counter attack, despite warnings from The Red Faction, Kingdom of Camuria and the Empire of Northwood in risk of causing furthur casualties.

Pact of Paradawn

On 28 February 2009 Emperor Vincent was informed that a new micronation named Paradawn had broken away from the People's Popular Socialist Republic of Bzan, a constituent country of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics. Emperor Vincent accepted the allaiance with the Kingdom of Paradawn, also the Kingdom of Altania accepted the alliance with Paradawn and Camuria is yet to reply. The recognition of Paradawn as an independent state separate to Bzan Bzan was part of the alliance and also to protect eachother from foreign invaders.

Foreign Relations

Kingdom of South Altania

Kingdom of Camuria

Kingdom of Paradawn

Republic of North Altania

please feel free to contact us on the discussion page for any foreign relations proposels.


Here is the link to a map and aerial view of Northwood and surrounding micronations.


This is an image of the borders set out in the civil war between each faction.

Civil War borders.png