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Salasolo claim
Proposed flag of Salasolo.png
Proposed flag

Claim of Slin
Motto: TBD
United States
Founded31 September 2012
AreaSeveral square meters
GovernmentClaim of Slin, Semi-Direct democracy
Head of DepartmentSolomon Fyrst

Salasolo is one of the first claims of Slin. It is a small claim, having only few square meters, but is politically the most important, since Justyce selection takes place here, and it is the claim of Solomon Fyrst, founder of the nation. The claim is known for it's nature since it has appeared on a Justyce appointment video, having mostly rocky surface with grass and various other plants growing through these rocks. The claims has also submitted a bid for departmentship during Trybunalship of Harry Fitzpatrick and Pete Leventis, with this bid being unanswered by one deputy.[1]


  1. Fyrst, Solomon. "Byds for departmentship", Website of Slin, Salasolo, 29 October 2012. Retrieved on 7 September 2013.

Flag of Slin.png

Empyre of Slin

Diplomacy, Kyng, Offices and Positions

Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh, Academy of Sciences, National Post

Salasolo, New Hayland, Hayland, Maple, Lurk

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