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East Danland (Dannish: Danlandia Oriental) (formerly known as the Danland Department) is a parish of Danland located in Spain. It was one of the founding claims of the Second Empyre of Slin. It was founded on July 7, 2012 at 8:00am (local time, 6:00am UTC). It has a TV with a satellite digital set-top box (called a digibox in Danland) to receive British TV, a DVD player, a chair and a wardrobe.

The Western part of Danland (formerly Democratic States of Daniel-Land) has since then merged with the Saxon Empire and Elefthfria to form Daneuropa.

However due to the MicroWiki War, the micronation has since merged with West Danland to form the Danland Transitional State and since then it had been independent from Slin and the UBS and no longer has online activity due to ongoing war on needing to expand Danland and hating St. Charlie and needing competition and having only one citizen. But since the war had been forgotten, West Danland and East Danland went back to normal again.

It was announced on 31 August 2012 that Daniel B. Soares' Slin claim would move from near West Danland to a fort near the South of England or at a farm in the South of England, due to Kirav B'bew wanting the Eastern part of Danland to be part of Daniel-Land, which could led into a dispute with King Penda II.

However on September 12, 2012 it merged with the Saxon nation of West Danland to reform Danland, itself becoming part of Daniel-Land on October 2, 2012 and became a parish of Danland on April 13, 2013.

Danland is located on the eastern part of the map