Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh

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Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh
Uyversyty of Slin-Englysh.png
approval date 18 June 2013
main task Education of Slin-Englysh and development of it

The Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh (American English: University of Slin-Englysh) is an online educational institution in the Empyre of Slin, conceived by Solomon Fyrst. As can be inferred from its name, the primary focus of education for this school is the instruction in the Slinnysh writing variant of the English language, known as Slin-Englysh, which has been in use since the foundation of the First Empyre in 2008. The insititution was formally created on 18 June 2013.


Potential classes that US-E might offer include:

  • Yoddyfycation: mastering the process of replacing certain y's with i's, while keeping others
  • Underlining: mastering the process of underlining foreign proper nouns
  • Slinnysh Law: learning the political process and government structure of the Slinnysh Empyre

There is also a possibility that the school might offer a class on micronational history.

To enroll: You may contact Solomon Fyrst if you would like to enroll in a US-E class. People of any nationality or micronationality may apply.

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