Foreign Affairs of Slin

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The foreign affairs of Slin are controlled by the Monarchy and chosen Ambassadors. Currently, the head of foreign affairs is Kyng Second and consists of two Ambassadors - Pete Leventis and Volfym Sammut. Generally, Slin engages in informal friendships.

List of bilateral relations

Nation Type Note
Flag of the Lurk Republic.png Lurk, Noble Republic of Informal friendship Lurk joined Empyre of Slin.
Noflag.png Stars, Republic of Informal friendship
Kingdom of Mahuset Flag.png Mahuset, Kingdom of Informal friendship King of Mahuset controls the Maple claim.
Hasanistan.gif Hasanistan, Republic of Informal friendship
Klaise.png Klaise Informal friendship
Noflag.png Daphoria Informal friendship
Noflag.png Bulgresia, Kingdom of Informal friendship
Snilandish Flag 2.png Sniland Informal friendship
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, United Holy Kingdom of Informal friendship
RepublicofRezacflag.png Rezac, Republic of Informal friendship
PrincipalityMonoviaflag.png Monovia, Principality of Informal friendship
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia, Kingdom of Informal friendship
Flag of Varina.png Varina, Kingdom of Informal friendship
Flag of Volfa.png Volfa, Diarchy of Informal friendship
Noflag.png New Austria, Empire of Informal friendship Ended 13 July 2013,as New Austria disestablished
Saxonflag.png Saxon Empire Informal friendship
Nedlando-Khorașan, Empire of Formal treaty

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Empyre of Slin

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