Royal Australissian Defence Force

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Royal Australissian Defence Force
Military Standard of Australis
Service branches Royal Australissian Army (RAA)

Grand Australissian Navy (GAN)
Australissian Royal Guard (ARG)

Australissian National Police Force (ANPF)
Commander-in-ChiefGrand Duke of Australis Daniel Hamilton
Secretary of DefenceBenjamin Van Leen
Vice Chief of the Defence ForceJared Barker
Military age14 years (selective)
Conscription6 months
Active personnel4
Reserve personnel3
Deployed personnel0
Domestic suppliersAustralisian Aerospace and Research Agency

The Royal Australissian Defence Force is the National Military Force of Australis. The Grand Duke of Australis is the RADF's commander in chief, and helps formulate defence policy with the Ministry of Defence and Justice, which is in charge of day-to-day operations. The main Armed Branches of the RADF consist of the Royal Australissian Army and the Grand Australissian Navy. Notable sub-branches include the Australissian Royal Guard and the RADF Missile Division. The Australissian National Police Force is technically a branch of the RADF, however it is operated semi-independently to other major branches. While the RADF is not mobilised or deployed, certain branches are commonly tasked with ANPF work, training exercises or general patrols. The RADF has not seen a major conflict in its short history.



The Royal Australissian Army is the primary land based military force in Australis. They are tasked with defending Australis against foreign or domestic threats, and serve as military police while not deployed or mobilised.

Notable Divisions


The Grand Australissian Navy is a small navy force that defends the waters of Australis. It is composed of one small patrol boat. Jared Barker is responsible for the operation of the Navy.

Australissian Royal Guard

The Australissian Royal Guard is responsible for the defence of the Grand Duke of Australis, Daniel Hamilton, and also occasionally for other high ranking individuals in the Australissian Government. The current commander of this division is Marcus Oosthuizen.


The Australissian National Police Force is responsible for the maintaining of law and order within Australis. This branch is staffed by reserve military personnel. Sinead Hamilton is in command of this branch.

Campaigns and Exercises

The RADF have seen no campaigns or exercises thus far.