Grace Welsh

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Grace Welsh

Llinos ferch Gareth
Portrait of Grace Welsh in August 2021
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In office
19 May 2021-25 August 2021
Pendraig of Gwladcoeden Iacof ap Antoni
Premier Andrew West
Deputy Premier Archie Sinclair
Nicholas O'Neill
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
Aelod o’r Senedd 1/9 Seats (15.46%)
Citizenship United Kingdom
Nationality Republic of Gwladcoeden
Political party Party of Welsh Culture
Profession Diplomat, Aelod o’r Senedd
Religion Atheist

Grace Welsh CCR OM OR (officially named Llinos ferch Gareth in the Republic of Gwladcoeden) is a Gwladcoedeg politician, diplomat, artist, and journalist who serves as Minster of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Welsh Culture and Media, and as an Aelod o’r Senedd for the Party of Welsh Culture (Plaid Cymry), which they lead.


Republic of Gwladcoeden

May 2021 Gwladcoedeg general election, Party of Welsh Culture (Plaid Cymry)

Welsh’s political career in Gwladcoeden began on 14 May 2021 when they declared that they would run as an independent candidate for the May 2021 Gwladcoedeg general election.

In response to not gaining a sufficient amount of votes for a seat, Welsh, with four other members, founded the Party of Welsh Culture as a basis for their independent policies on promoting Welsh culture.

Party of Welsh Culture (Plaid Cymry) and Minister of Welsh Culture and Media (19 May - Present)

In response to not gaining a sufficient amount of votes for a seat, Welsh founded the Party of Welsh Culture as a basis for her independent policies on promoting Welsh culture.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (19 May 2021 - 2 August 2021)

On 19 May 2021, when elected as Premier, Andrew West appointed Welsh as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Welsh Culture and Media.

Welsh has served two terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of Premier West since 19 May 2021. She also serves as the ambassador to the Empire of Aenopia, Republic of Belcity, Principality of Caudonia, and the Pinangese Republic.

During her first term, she was appointed to draft a treaty of recognition and friendship with Caudonia which was later abandoned due to strained relations. Welsh was responsible for forging informal relations with Aenopia, Belcity, and Pinang. Welsh and ap Antoni have discussed the creation of an alliance with close nations, named the Trependeryn Tripartite (originally planned to consist of Gwladcoeden, Caudonia, and the Republic of Elysium); the cabinet agreed, after relations were suspended between Caudonia and Elysium, to replace Caudonia and Elysium with Belcity, Pinang, and Aenopia.

Unfortunately, the first Senedd was largely inactive and lacking attendance; this led to a lack of motions and bills being voted on or drafted, including treaties.

July 2021 Gwladcoeden general election

On 19 July 2021 for the July 2021 general election, Welsh ran as a candidate under Plaid Cymry. Plaid Cymry won a combined 15.46% of the vote. Having the most votes in the party, Grace Welsh assumed the seat.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (3 August 2021 - 25 August 2021)

On 3 August 2021, the re-elected Premier West reappointed Welsh as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Welsh Culture and Media.

Under her current second term, on 2 August 2021, she proposed a motion to ‘Begin the drafting if potential treaties of friendship’ [sic] with Aenopia, Belcity, and Pinang; the motion also proposed to ‘Begin the drafting up of plans for a potential alliance (named: Trependeryn Quadripartite, alternatively named: Quadripartite Agreement) with these members’ to bring the alliance to fruition. 7 out of 9 seats voted in favour of the motion.

On 8 August 2021, Welsh drafted treaty of friendship with Pinang, which was submitted to the Senedd on 11 August 2021. On 18 August 2021, the treaty passed in the Senedd with 7 out of 9 seats in favour. It was ratified on 20 August 2021, making Pinang Gwladcoeden's first formal ally and establishing Gwladcoeden's first formal relations.

Other names

Grace Welsh, as she is known online, is known by many names polyonymously. Welsh originally joined the MicroWiki sector under the name Issac Richards, but changed her name to Lee Wiggans before identifying as genderqueer. Grace Welsh's legal name has not been revealed.

Names in English

Name Details Status
Grace Welsh Current name. Current name
Lee Wiggans Former online name. Last name derives from his partner’s. Dead name
Issac Richards Former name in the micronational community. Dead name

Name in other languages

Where other languages are spoken, Grace Welsh has personally assumed other names in effort to assimilate into different micronational cultures.

Current names Language Where used
Grace Breathanch Scottish Gaelic Principality of Caudonia
Llinos ferch Gareth Welsh Republic of Gwladcoeden
Graziella Britannica Italian Pinangese Republic, Greater Rovian Empire
Deadnames Language Where used
Mihangel ap Gareth Welsh Gwladcoeden, Caudonia
Pietro de Gervasio Italian Pinang, Rovia