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Aenopia was initially founded on 1 July 2019 as a Dominion of the now-defunct Empire of Emosia before declaring independence on 16 August 2019. During the early months of its existence, Aenopia was a prominent member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union), which is cited as being a catalyst to Aenopia's initial growth and rise in the community. After the dissolution of the OAM, Aenopia alongside ex-OAM members Ponderosa Hills and Astropolis formed the PAA Pact, which later became the North Atlantic Defence Union. Previously longstanding connections to ex-member states such as Plushunia, Lytera and New Eiffel helped Aenopia become a member of the Grand Unified Micronational in November 2019.

Early days

A map of Aenopian Calver, showing off the cities of White and Sough. between the cities is Aenopian Plushunia

Aenopia was formed on 1 July 2019 initially under the name of the 'Federation of Aenopia'. However, only a few hours passed before talks were underway with James Ellis of Empire of Emosia for Aenopia to become a dominion. Following an agreement being reached, a treaty was signed on the same day annexing the Aenopian territory now known as New Llandudno and Subsidiaries with Aenopia subsequently becoming a dominion of Emosia.[1] Following this, Aenopia began developing a series of rockets made out of aluminium foil and matchstick named Nova I.[2] Out of the two that were launched, neither were successful.

On 26 July 2019, the territory of Aenopian Calver was annexed as part of the Dominion of Aenopia. Located in Derbyshire, the territory was quietly incorporated into the entire dominion of Aenopia instead of becoming an Emosian dominion of its own. On 3 August 2019, a small piece of Aenopian Calver was ceded to fellow ex-Organisation of Active Micronations member Plushunia as part of an overseas territory program run by the Government of Plushunia at the time. This became known as Aenopian Plushunia which became the third overseas territory of Plushunia alongside Ogel (Governed by Emperor of ex-Emosian dominion of Qaflana Alex Halbesleben) and Macmillan.[3]

Just 12 days before the Dominion of Aenopia became independent, Aenopia annexed the island of Aenopian Teme on 4 August 2019, becoming the third territory to be incorporated into the Dominion. This was located within the River Teme and became the only Aenopian territory to be located next to a body of water as of 29 November 2020. As a result of this, the town of Port Syrinx (initially known as the city of Port Machyllneth) became the base of the Aenopian Navy, later known as the Aenopian Coast Guard when it became a branch of the Aenopian Defence League.

Independence and Rapid Growth

On 15 August 2019, Aenopia gained independence from the Empire of Emosia after one month of lobbying for sovereignty after the independence of Qaflana.[4] Free movement between all nations involved (this included Aenopia, Emosia and Qaflana) ended, and all Aenopians with dual Emosian citizenship had their dual citizenship revoked.

On 20 August 2019, it was decided to withdraw Aenopia from the largely-controversial Organisation of Active Micronations (originally named New Eiffel Union of Micronations [5]) following internal disputes and instability within the organisation as a whole. 6 days later, the Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) was dissolved after other influential members such as Phokland, New Eiffel and Emosia left. This followed after less than a month after the similar withdrawal of the Kingdom of Lytera.[6][7][8] Despite this, Aenopia started reaching out to other nations and other organisations to improve its position within the community. On 24 August 2019, the territory of Greater New Aberdare was annexed, increasing the number of residents to 6. Following this annexation, it was decided to revoke New Llandudno's status as capital and instead name the new city of New Aberdare as the capital of Aenopia, mainly due to its large population. Aenopia was accepted as an Observer of the Grand Unified Micronational on 6 October 2019 and later as a provisional state on 10 November 2019.[9]

Settlement and Economic Development

During November 2019, development decreased. Communication with other nations continued to increase, and Aenopia was accepted as a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational after the Quorum of Delegates convened and voted on 27 November 2019.[10]

After the annexation of Greater New Aberdare in August 2019, the annexation of land ceased completely. An attempt was made to annex a small pocket of land in a forest near to the Spa town of Ilkley named 'Blaenau Novae', with the land being unceremoniously annexed in December 2019. However, the claim was redacted a few days later. The reason for the relinquishing of the claim is believed to be because of the distance from New Aberdare (the centre of Aenopia) and the irregularity of visits to the area, making it hard to enforce the claim. Following this, the flag intended for the territory was instead assigned to Aenopian Teme to replace the previous flag.

The Reform Act and COVID-19

An poster regarding N-COV-2019 released by the Aenopian Government.

Following criticism from certain micronationalists referring to Aenopia as 'highly simulationist' due to its history, 'The Reform Act' was published on 1 February 2020 by HRH Simon I. Made up of a document consisting of 26 articles with the main objective being to improve factors of Aenopia including its governance, national symbols, foreign affairs, etc. The contents of the document ranged from updating the national symbols (replacing the flag and national anthem and obtaining a coat of arms) to the formation of an Aenopian Government and a legal system. On 2 February 2020 the first 3 requirements out of the 26 in the document were fulfilled; which saw the replacement of both the national anthem and state flag and the creation of a coat of arms.[11]

On 21 February 2020, Bryniau Gwyrdd was annexed, bringing the population up to 9. The territory, affectionately known as 'Bry-Gwy' became the 3rd territory of Southern Aenopia and provides as a support for the nearby Aenopian Teme. On 12 March 2020, it was decided by the Aenopian government to declare a national state of concern (later bumped up to a national state of emergency), meaning that the borders of Bryniau Gwyrdd and Greater New Aberdare were to be closed except to Aenopian residents and exceptional cases where non-Aenopians may visit. This marked the first time in Aenopian history that a national state of emergency was declared and the border between an Aenopian territory had to be closed.[12] Furthermore, it was planned that public awareness of hygiene was to also be increased with posters created by the Aenopian government soon to follow.

In late July 2020, it was reported that the number of cases was continuing to rise in the United Kingdom, despite the British government insisting on reopening the macronation. As a result, the number of cases in the local area around Northern Aenopia had reportedly risen to the point where restrictions had to be reintroduced.[13] Because of this, it was decided by the Aenopian Government to continue to enforce a national state of emergency 'for the foreseeable future'.[14]

Renaissance period

On 27 October 2020, Simon Reeve on behalf of Aenopia revived the North Atlantic Defence Union 10 months after its initial dissolution in December 2019. During its initial existence in 2019 On 27 November 2020, Aenopia became the first signatory of the Sough Convention on Global Climate Change Volume II[15][16] after previously leading the convention and creation of the treaty.[17] Initially started on 1 October 2020 as a direct continuation of the 2019 Sough Convention on Global Climate Change, the Sough2020 convention would last for almost 2 months with activity from 31 participants. The Sough2020 treaty would later amass over 26 signatories with treaty being translated into Welsh, Mandarin[18] and Spanish.[19]

When I first started this convention on 1 October 2020, I was doubtful that the convention would be successful, considering the fact that another individual was running a convention on their own. We've had our ups and downs, with a brief uncertain period when 3 nations left at the same time however we have pushed through regardless. This has been an incredible experience, working with people from across the community and the world, people I know well and new faces in the community.

— Simon Reeve following the publishing of the treaty, 2020

On 1 December Aenopia would formally annex the territory of Aenopian Potawatomi comprised of a small section of forest next to the Des Plaines River in the state of Illinois.[20][21] Aenopian Potawatomi was annexed as part of a program led by the Des Plaines Union and Cole Baird which offered parcels of land located next to the Des Plaines River to select nations.

Following increasing competition from nations such as the Commonwealth of Essexia and the Republic of Yu-Xia involving the development of rockets, development of a light launcher was declared in January 2021 with the project under the name of Starless IV being formally unveiled on 21 January 2021.[22][23] This would later lead to the formation of the International Aerospace Community on the same day as a joint venture between the Empire of Aenopia and Commonwealth of Essexia.[24]

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