History of Aenopia

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For while Aenopia has only existed for a short amount of time compared to other nations, many things have happened during the nation's short life. In order to make it easier to sort through sections of time, Aenopian history is categorised into sections.

The Beginning

A map of Aenopian Calver, showing off the cities of White and Sough. between the cities is Aenopian Plushunia

Aenopia was formed on 1 July 2019 under the name of the 'Federation of Aenopia', however, only a few hours passed before talks were underway with James Ellis of Empire of Emosia to become a dominion. Following this, a treaty was signed between the two leaders and Emperor Logan I was denounced as 'Governor' and the young nation became a dominion as such.

Following this, Aenopia began developing a series of rockets, with the first being a simple matchstick rocket named Nova I. 2 launches were tried in all, with both ending in failure. It was intended that the rocket be repurposed as a 'missile' in the armed forces once it's scientific uses are complete, however, this idea was rejected due to the absurdity of it. Along with this, the Aenopian Aeronautics Administration (AAA) was set up. This covered space exploration and the development and testing of new aviation technology.

Independence and Rapid Growth

On 15 August 2019, Aenopia finally gained independence from the Empire of Emosia nearly a month after showing interest in such. At this point, free movement between the two nations ended, and all Aenopians with dual Emosian citizenship were revoked. After this sudden turn of events, Aenopia began to expand, with a small island located in the River Teme and a small grassy area in the Peak District near the small British town of Grindleford, Derbyshire claimed in July 2019. Logan I also became the Governor of Aenopian Plushunia and the Lord of an Astropolis territory, with the former located within the Aenopian territory of Aenopian Calver and the latter being located in New York, USA. This was later released following inactivity within Astropolis.

During this time, Aenopia was working internally to build Aenopia High-Speed: a high-speed line to operate in the city of New Aberdare intended to open on 1 September 2019. However, the launch was postponed by 3 months due to the project running severely behind schedule, with talks about cutting the funding due to the absurd amount of money going into the project that has been taken from other departments. During this time, communications with other nations expanded rapidly, with Diplomatic relations beginning with other nations every week. By November 2019, Aenopia began to settle down and development slowed down. This is seen as the end of this period of Aenopian History.

Settlement and Economic Development

During November 2019, development decreased. Communication with other nations continued to increase, following acceptance into the Grand United Micronational (GUM) as an Observer nation. During this time, Greater New Aberdare was annexed, increasing the number of citizens to 6. Following this annexation, it was decided to revoke New Llandudno's Capital status and instead grant it to the new city of New Aberdare. This meant that production could begin in the capital. After this transfer, The Emperor authorized the creation of 3 production companies within the company; AREL (Handles the production of Locomotives and Rolling stock), Marco (Handles the production of vessels) and Vulzerstein (Handles the production of aircraft).

In December 2019, it was finally decided to cut Governmental funding for Aenopia High-Speed due to excessive funding going into what was seen as a 'Pointless project which will not serve Aenopia in any way whatsoever'. Following this, the project suffered from severe setbacks before it was announced that it would be canceled and the track would be pulled up on 6 December 2019, 3 days after the delayed expected launch. Due to this, it's expected that AREL, Tollouse and Aenopia High-Speed Ltd. will be hit hard economically.