Aenopian Air Force

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Aenopian Air Force
Active2019 - present
Country Aenopia
BranchAenopian Defence League
TypeAir force
RoleAerial warfare
Commander in ChiefEmperor of Aenopia
Commanding OfficerVacant

The Aenopian Air Force (AAF) is the principal aerial warfare force for the Empire of Aenopia. It was formed towards the end of Emosian rule over Aenopia on 16 August 2019 and is one of 4 branches of the Aenopian Defence League.

The AAF is the largest of the 4 branches of the ADL and operates principally on the Aenopian doctrine of aerial superiority. The AAF's mission is to support the objectives of the Aenopian Defence Ministry, which are to "provide the Empire with a defence force capable of preserving its sovereignty". It operates the majority of the Aenopian Defence League's aircraft, although both the Aenopian Ground Force and Aenopia Naval Force also operate aircraft in various roles. The AAF provides support across a spectrum of operations such as air superiority, precision strikes, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and humanitarian support.

Today, the AAF , The AAF also works with the Aenopian Aeronautical Administration (AAA) to develop cutting-edge equipment both for Aenopia and export, with such notable projects as the ongoing Awyren 5 project.


Non-flying squadrons

Roundel and badge

Originally, the air force used a two-tone blue roundel featuring an Albatross in the centre, representing the efficiency of the air force.


On order

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Helliwell Awyren 5 Empire of Aenopia omnirole 5 on order some variants will be tasked with training, reconassiance, etc.
Helliwell Kestrel Empire of Aenopia fighter-bomber TBC
Helliwell Genesis Empire of Aenopia fighter TBC some variants will be tasked with training.
Trainer Aircraft
Helliwell Genesis Empire of Aenopia fighter TBC will be assigned an exclusive pool


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