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The Shrek Super Party, also known as the Super Shrek Party among other names, is an intermicronational big tent satirical shrekist swampist populist political party founded by Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel. The party is currently active in Essexia, Ponderosa Hills, Caddia and Naveria, and formerly New Eiffel.



Electorial overview

Party Micronation Last election Seats % of legislature % of vote seats won +/- Government
Shrek Super Party of Essexia Essexia 1 March 2020 1 9.09% 13%
1 / 11
Third party
Shrek Super Party of Aenopia Aenopia N/A 1 16.6% N/A
1 / 6
Third party
Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party Ponderosa Hills 7 May 2020 4 27%
4 / 15
Minority government
Green and SI colitation with CISSP confidence and supply


New Eiffel





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