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This article is available in the constructed languages Cet and Toki Pona
Flag of Ceticilia
Coat of arms of Ceticilia
Coat of arms
Locationno territory
CapitalOstweiden (de-jure)
Largest cityÓdagwerth
Official languagesCet, English, German, Spanish
• Crown Prince
Establishment29 March 2016
• Census
CurrencyCeticilian Gjá
Time zoneUTC-5, UTC+1, UTC+8

Ceticilia[1] (Cet: cetcile [ɟɛtˈɟɪlɛ]) was a mixed presidential and parliamentary republic. The republic was bordered by the micronations of Altannia and Chuk Wan Shan and by the macronations of Germany, the United States, Spain and Macao. All Ceticilian territory was landlocked, though the territories inside Macao and the United States are close to the Pacific and the Atlantic respectively, while the metropolitan region of Ceticilia has access to the river Rhine and the river Sieg.

Records state that the state was founded on 29 March 2016, though the consolidation of Ceticilia as a nation has existed for at least a month longer than that, as media from the 28 February 2016 was found to mention Ceticilia in the sense of a national entity.[2] Ceticilia was founded mainly on grounds of opposing LGBTQ-exclusion in German law as well as creating an internationalistic peaceful and free nation.

Three coup attempts to overthrow democratic order have been attempted, but only one was successful as it lead to the Supreme Court of Ceticilia asking then-president Lily Jane Rotfels to publicly post a referendum making her Queen of Ceticilia, which passed with a majority of 6-0. Afterward, however, opposition to the monarchy grew until Rotfels abdicated the throne to reimpose democratic order in Ceticilia. During this time period the Parliament of Ceticilia was established as an institution.


Though originally inherently void of any meaning and only being chosen for sounding nice, the name Ceticilia was reverse-engineered to be derived from the Cet word "cetcile" with the roots "cet" ("clay"), "cil" ("to receive") and the suffix "la/le" ("-land, -country"). Any similarities to the names "Cecilia" or "Sicilia" are coincidental or at least were not a concious decision in naming the country.



In late 2015, A. and Taylor Mia Torres discussed micronationalism and the possibility of creating a new micronation apart from the previously established Sprelbuerg which was supposed to be an insular nation financed through donations and tourism, though this idea ultimately never come to fruition. It is possible that during this time the name Ceticilia was coined, though the records have been lost to history and there is nothing to back this claim up that isn't anecdotal evidence. The nation was ultimately founded in early 2016 by A., Taylor Mia Torres, Jordan Lord and Jessica S., with the former three being in the Ceticilian political sphere to this day.


On 29 March 2016, A. was elected the first President of Ceticilia with 75% voting for her and 25% voting for Taylor Mia Torres. This election result was the highest percentage a President has been elected with until Mya Kelch won the presidency with 77% in 2020. During this time all decisions were decided by direct referendum with the President approving or disapproving with any given referendum being up for election, exercising veto power. Other powers would not be granted to the President until August of the same year, where the office of Chief Justice was created.

From this time until a better flag was found, the flag of Ceticilia consisted out of three horizontal stripes of equal width of orange, white and blue.


A constitution was signed in August 2016 with the powers of the government laid out more clearly than before. On 15 August 2016, Taylor Mia Torres was sworn in as the first Chief Justice of Ceticilia, her duties being to interpret laws and speak verdicts according to these laws. At the time, she was the sole judge of the entire nation and the office of the Chief Justice stood unter little scrutiny, allowing her to ban the Anarchist Party of Ceticilia without legal consequences from any side.

In the wake of the Anarchist Party being banned, Jordan Lord, founder of the Anarchist Party founded a new party called the Anarctarian Party until he ultimately founded the Geolibertarian Party which still exists today as Ceticilia's oldest intact party.

Early 2017 tensions

Close to the 2017 Presidential election, the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia and the Progressive Party of Ceticilia were fighting a verbal battle, the Geolibertarians accusing the Progressives of governing in a dictatorial fashion. After a while things settled down for a bit until the Presidential election actually concluded with Taylor Mia Torres being ceded victory by A. and about a month later being impeached for infiltrating the Geolibertarian Party under a false name leading to what is known colloquially as (#)WolfyGate (in reference to her then-username Wolfy) or, in modern times, increasingly (#)SteinsGate because the name she used to infiltrate the Geolibertarian Party was Makise Kurisu, which is the name of a character in the TV show Steins;Gate.

Kingdom of Ceticilia

Flag of the Kingdom of Ceticilia

Before the Kingdom of Ceticilia was established, A. tried to illegally declare herself Queen of Ceticilia, after which she was impeached and deleted the Ceticilian national forum, which deleted some important historical notes. Though she was forgiven by the Chief Justice of the time, Elemer San Miguel, under the condition that a referendum take place. Ceticilia saw massive changes to politics that are still evident to this day, such being an extensive body of law and a national parliament. The Kingdom of Ceticilia existed from July to October 2017 and was wildly unpopular. Though approved by referendum, the Kingdom was immediately subject to criticism from across the political spectrum for being anti-democratic with the referendum not being representative of the people because of the low turnout and referendum being presented clandestinely in the legislation channel without much attention drawn to it. A. stepped down from the office of Queen in October and reinstated Ceticilian democracy by abolishing the Royal Senate and giving Parliament the power to do anything it wishes to.

Second Republic

For a brief period after the Kingdom ended, there was no office of President. The position of Head of State of Ceticilia was instead delegated to the national Parliament of Ceticilia. This period ended with the January 2018 elections, leading to a second presidency of A., who was then President from January 2018 to March 2019.

The second republic saw a name change from Republic of Ceticilia to Ceticilian Republic. The exact reasons for this name change are unknown but are most likely a result of differentiating the two eras from one another. While the second republic is technically the same state as today's Ceticilia a lot has happened since its inception.

Quiet Era

In March 2019, Pablo Zumo became President of Ceticilia. After winning the election he joined the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia, of which he was a member to the end. Nothing of great importance has happened during his presidency except that he was admitted into the office of President after a tie in the Presidential election being resolved by the Parliament of Ceticilia, much to the dismay of the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia. A. was criticized during this time for abstaining from voting as the Speaker of the House in what would be a vital victory for the DSP.

Kelch Era

The Kelch era happened after the previous President, Pablo Zumo didn't run for reelection and Jordan Lord lost to Mya Kelch in a decisive vote, which to this day is the highest percentage any Presidential candidate ever received in a Ceticilian presidential election. Her term started out similarly quiet to Zumo's though was, in mid to late 2020 disturbed by an attempted humorous coup by Taylor Mia Torres and A. in whose wake Mya Kelch resigned giving the Presidency to Jordan Lord, who, despite never having been elected, was now President. He set up another election after a few weeks in which Taylor Mia Torres became President of Ceticilia.


Situated in the Rhine valley, with the exception of Sonnberg, Metropolitan Ceticilian geography is defined by vast plains of oceanic climate with warm and humid summers and mild winters with temperatures rarely dipping below the 0 °C (32 °F) mark.[3]

Administrative divisions

Ceticilia's administrative divisions are colloquially called boroughs. In Ceticilian law, boroughs are very seldom mentioned as they hold no political power of their own and are all under the control of the Ceticilian government with no regional representation existing, though this has not always been the case as Borkenfels used to have a governor of its own before it was assimilated into Ceticilia.

Borough Notes
(Ost-)Weiden This was nominally the capital of Ceticilia, though the government meets digitally most of the time. The western part of the city was gifted to Altannia upon creation.
Neuheim Neuheim is the former capital of Ceticilia
Borkenfels Borkenfels is the former capital of the Republic of Sprelbuerg and later the Province of Borkenfels
Neuköln am Rhein This territory was utilized to make Ripuarian a recognized minority language.
Ódagwerth This borough is the largest in all of Ceticilia and floods yearly making it unsuitable for settlements but attractive for agriculture.
Sonnberg Highest elevation in Metropolitan Ceticilia
Sheeplandia Westernmost point
Solá Easternmost point

Physical geography

Metropolitan Ceticilia has a very flat geography, with the exception of Sonnberg all Metropolitan Ceticilian territory is in the lowland that is known as Cologne Lowland or Cologne-Bonn-Lowland which is surrounded by mountains on every side except the North and Northwest, as a consequence Sonnberg is the highest point of Metropolitan Ceticilia at about 97m (318') above sea level[4] Natural water sources include lake Weiden and the Rhine and Sieg rivers. Thanks to its position in a fertile part of Germany, agriculture is widespread.

Olive tree in Neuheim

The continental shelves Ceticilia sits on are the North American in the West, the Eurasian plate in the middle and the Yangtze plate in the East.


The climate in Metropolitan Ceticilia is atlantic-maritime with warm and humid summers and mild winters with little to no snow. Thanks to its location between mountains and proximity to the Rhine causes it to be one of the warmest and most humid regions inside the macronation of Germany.

Climate data for Metropolitan Ceticilia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 4.9
Daily mean °C (°F) 2.7
Average low °C (°F) 0.5
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 70
Source: Climate-Data.org[5]


The polling institution Polls Ceticilia, run by A., has found that of the 11 participants (of around 25 citizens), little less than a half lived in Europe with a little over half of it living in North America. Ceticilians usually live in households of about four, with the average being 3.9 people per household and a median of 4. This poll has also showed that more than half of the Ceticilian population identifies as LGBT, with only two persons answering they were heterosexual.

Ceticilian English proficiency is at 100%, with German and then Spanish making second and third place respectively. A sizable portion of Ceticilians is also knowledgeable in Toki Pona Japanese and French, while Cet proficiency is very low.

In terms of religion or faith, agnosticism and atheism are the most commonly held beliefs, with each other religion only being presented once and only one claiming to believe in an Abrahamic religion and some Ceticilians substituting faithes of their own creation.

Ideologically, Ceticilians are mostly left-leaning, with leftist ideologies such as anarcho-communism and democratic socialism being very popular among those questionned.


The government of Ceticilia is divided into the traditional three branches of government.

Law and order


The legislative body of Ceticilia is the Parliament of Ceticilia (CetÞing) whose job it is to create laws and approve nominations by the executive to the Supreme Court of Ceticilia. A bill becomes a law if more than one half of the Members of Parliament vote in favor of it, with the exception of constitutional amendments which are only approved once three quarters or more of the Members of Parliament vote in favor of it.

The legislative of Ceticilia used to be referenda, however once the Kingdom of Ceticilia had been established, the Parliament was created and re-established multiple times after some post-monarchist direct democratic periods.


The executive body of Ceticilia is embodied by the President of Ceticilia who has the power to appoint ministers to each bureau or ministry of Ceticilia, given the Parliament of Ceticilia approves this decision. Furthermore the President of Ceticilia is, per the constitution of Ceticilia, able to summon the Supreme Judges to the Supreme Court of Ceticilia with parliamentary approval. In 2021, President Taylor Mia Torres made use of this power to impeach Jordan Lord for perceived incompetence.

During the transitional period the office of President was temporarily abolished, though later reinstated.


The judiciary of Ceticilia is embodied by the Supreme Court of Ceticilia, which consists out of three Supreme Judges who speak all verdicts on Ceticilian law as well as interpreting the word of law. The setup of three judges is relatively new in Ceticilia, with previous judiciaries consisting out of a one-person jury deciding over all Ceticilian matters. In early 2021, the Supreme Court was heavily criticized for a ruling that according to the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia and the Ceticilian Ecological Union showed the court's inability to interpret the law correctly reading

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled

That the Bureau of Immigration must act as one body, and thereof, it must come to a decision as such. Immigration has to be regulated, that is what the Bureau was created for, and we cannot accept new citizens if the Bureau does not fully support them, as it is an apolitical organism, which should only act on behalf of the protection of Ceticilia's integrity.

For the reasons stated above, the Supreme Court of Ceticilia will require unanimous approval from the Bureau of Immigration.

This ruling was later overturned.

Foreign relations

Ceticilia is a  DANC member; the DANC has however be dormant for over a year now. Ceticilia maintains closer relations to the DANC-member  NNU. While technically allied, some Ceticilians have suggested cutting ties with the  Repubblica Federale Leonense because of their distate for Ceticilian customs, though this sentiment has calmed down by quite a lot.

When asked if Ceticilia should join the  GUM, President Taylor Mia Torres said that she doesn't know if it would be in Ceticilia's best interest to join the organization and that it is best for Ceticilia to keep to itself and form alliances with nations that are known and trusted by Ceticilia.


Ceticilia currently has no military, though it used have conscription to the national military in the past, which was never enforced because of logistic limitations. Ceticilia has some territories that can be shut off from the outside world, though these aren't nearly universal, with Ceticilia likely not being able to enforce all of its territories into full control.


Ceticilia's economy is, thus far, non-existent. About 60-80 Gjá are in circulation. The technology behind this currency is algorand. They are however not actively used by Ceticilians to make purchases and are only being trialled by Jordan Lord and not yet released fully into the economy. Because this nation is mostly digital the most services to emerge are IT and other digital services. A few Ceticilians have also spoken out that they're interested in providing for Ceticilia agriculturally.

A majority of Ceticilians welcome Universal Basic Income, which will most likely be the means by which the currency will be introduced.

Old gjá note

Ceticilia has had many currency reforms over the years, from the first Gjá printed on paper to the Altannese-Ceticilian Altaler to the new digital Gjá, which in its inceptional trial was spelt as Gja.

Culture and Media

Potato salad politics

Ceticilia is the birthplace of so-called potato salad politics, which are absurd politics that fulfill no clear purpose or are out of the scope of the nation's abilities. The term is derived from a satirical proposal to ban potato salad in the (then non-existent) parliament cafeteria and to never import potato salad into Ceticilia. This term has also influenced the political language of  Eodus


The Ceticilian Ecological Union runs a newspaper called the Green Dove. It's a left-wing green politics newspaper written by members of the party and released every Sunday and Wednesday, though it is currently on hold.

Ceticilian and NNU citizen Miguel is working on an intermicronational DNS network which would give Ceticilia the TLD .cet

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