Kingdom of Shiloh

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Kingdom of Shiloh
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Timothy I
• Prime Minister
• 2018 Estimate census
The Kingdom of Shiloh's national territory

The Kingdom of Shiloh is a micronation founded on 14 February 2008, by Timothy I. Shiloh is extremely dedicated to cultural celebrations of the monarchical system of government.


The Kingdom of Shiloh was founded in February 14, 2008, on one square foot of land in Scotland originally and declared independently by Timm Miller called the Kingdom of Lamia, but was later changed to Shiloh.


Queen Beverly on her Coronation Day

Queen Beverly I

Her majesty, Queen Beverly I (Timm's mother) was the first monarch of Shiloh, and was coronated shortly after the founding, while helping Timm build it's government and culture. Unfortunately, one year after her coronation, Queen Beverly passed away.

King Timothy I

After his mothers death, his majesty, King Timothy I took the throne, and has since been expanding his territory for independence. This includes Purchasing an island off the coast of the United States or Australia, Obtaining an island in a large lake and, Obtaining 40 acres of barren desert in Arizona.

Foreign Relations

Shiloh was present at MicroCon 2015, MicroCon 2017 and MicroCon 2022. The nation maintains good relations with the Grand Duchy of Westarctica and other notable micronations.