Opportunity I

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This is the metal that was used to form the build used in Opportunity I.

Opportunity I was the first attempt at a space mission by Ela'r'oech. It involved the building of a small engine and an area of fluff and metal to bring a posthumous squirrel to space. They had no specific goal other than getting the squirrel to space. There was a camera in the build which unfortunately died around 2 km, and it was assumed the build reached 8 km. Around September 20 the engine landed back on Earth and Charles was able to bring it to his house, however he was unable to take any pictures because his parents didn't want him "interacting with an object falling from the sky."

He is working on thawing the camera if needed and charging it so he can give proof of the event. The posthumous squirrel in the mission was not found but named "Buzz All-Nuts" satirically, named after Buzz Aldrin who was a key member in the Apollo 11 mission. Buzz All-Nuts was awarded the Elarian medal of Space Dominance.