President of Ela'r'oech

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President of Ela'r'oech

Acting President (provisional)

Seal of the President
President of the Elarian Empire and the other Elarian territories
Chancellor Shawn West
Predecessor Andrew Perdomo

The President of the Empire of Ela'r'oech (PEE) is an Elarian diplomat and supervising official of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. The President has the power to veto and parliamentary policies passes.

The Office of the President was established on 18 November 2022 following the ratification of the Constitution of the Holy Elarian Empire.


Perdomo Administration

Andrew Perdomo was officially elected the first President-elect of Ela'r'oech following the Elarian federal elections, November 2022. An inauguration was planned, but never came to fruition. Generally, Perdomo was somewhat inactive. However, that would change right before the Zeprano-Elarian War. He made it clear following the war that the government of Ela'r'oech should work with Terry McKeen's administration and government to take down Almendria.

After this was essentially refused, with Emperor Charles stating that he did not wish to work with McKeen's administration, Perdomo attempted to force it upon the nation until the actions which would evolve into Madgett v. Perdomo. During this section of his term, Perdomo attempted to ensure proper diplomacy with Zeprana, until eventually resigning from the office of the Presidency in order to serve as a Representative-Member of Parliament so that he could block the Police Force to Target Dissenters Act.

Jacobs Administration

Following Perdomo's resignation, it was determined that Presidents should have the ability to vote within parliament so that similar situations did not happen in the future. After the resignation, Terry Jacobs was appointed as the President of Ela'r'oech.