Armed Forces of Ela'r'oech

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Elarian Armed Forces
MottoRa'el wel Ar'el
Good People Triumph Over Evil
FoundedOctober 2020
Service branchesRoyal Army

Royal Defense Corps

Royal Search and Seizure Command
EmperorCharles Madgett
General of the ArmyKapano Rodriguez
Military age15+
Active personnel3
Reserve personnel4
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The Armed Forces of Ela'r'oech, also known as the Elarian Armed Forces (EAF), constitute the military might of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. Comprising multiple branches, including the Military, Space Program, and Air Force, the EAF is dedicated to defending Ela'r'oech and its associated realms. A unique aspect of the EAF is its readiness alert system, the Message for State of War (MSW), reflecting its commitment to maintaining security and preparedness.

A propaganda poster for the EAF, encouraging viewers to join the Armed Forces.


The inception of the EAF dates back to early October 2020 under the rule of then-Dictator Charles I, who established the army and navy branches. Initially, the navy consisted of an armed bottle and is no longer active. Post-Civil War, the focus shifted towards developing chemical warfare capabilities and investing in non-lethal weaponry like Nerf Guns, although chemical warfare pursuits were later abandoned. The Second and Third Alarian Wars marked significant expansions in military capabilities, including missile investments and a brief colonial expansion.

In 2021, the EAF expanded further, exerting influence over smaller micronations and utilizing militias. Notably, the Ela'r'oech Space Program (ESP), founded on 16 September 2020, achieved a milestone with its first mission, Opportunity I, which aimed to send a squirrel to space.

A significant restructuring occurred in March 2022, bringing new personnel and allowing military activities in educational settings. This period also saw the introduction of three new branches, diversifying the EAF's operational scope.

Recent developments

In October 2023, a resurgence occurred similar to that from March 2022 where multiple new citizens joined Ela'r'oech and subsequently offered to join the EAF. As of 2024, the EAF now has numerous new soldiers and recently has gotten official uniforms, standards, and gear for its members.


There are three branches in the Armed Forces, which includes the Royal Army, the Royal Defense Corps, and the Royal Search and Seizure Command.[1] Each branch consists of separate roles.

Royal Army

The Royal Army is the land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces. It is one of the four uniformed services of the Empire, as the oldest and most senior branch of the Armed Forces. The Royal Army holds the following missions;

  • Serve the Empire militarily
  • Following declarations of war from the Empire
  • Protecting the mainlands of the Empire
EAF soldiers equipping gear and weaponry.

Royal Defense Corps

The Royal Defense Corps is the primarily defensive land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces as one of the four uniformed services of the Empire. The Defense Corps primarily focuses on defending the mainlands of Ela'r'oech and is also very closely tied to the Royal Army. The Royal Defense Corps holds the following missions;

  • Protect the Empire
  • Serve the Empire to death
  • Serve in the Army following declarations of war

Royal Search and Seizure Command

The Royal Search and Seizure Command is the land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces as one of the four uniformed services of the Empire. It primarily focuses on searching suspected terrorists, criminals, and felons. It holds the following missions;

  • Search suspected terrorists, felons, and criminals
  • Seize any suspected homes of terrorists, felons, criminals
  • Seize any device or objects which are involved or suspected to be involved in criminal activities


Commander Jacob stands, demonstrating the uniform of the EAF.

The Eisheitei was a former branch, serving as the secret police of mainland Ela'r'oech. As one of the four uniformed services of the Empire, it primarily focused on acting upon the direct orders of the Emperor himself, separate from the Parliament. It held the following missions;

  • Follow the Emperor's direct orders
  • Be directly loyal to the Emperor
  • Protect the Emperor and his family

On 3 November 2023, the Eisheitei was formally dissolved as an official branch of the Armed Forces of Ela'r'oech. It still acts as an unofficial paramilitary wing of Ela'r'oech Lew Elaroek and has three members currently.


The Armed Forces in their are, for the most part, headed and commanded by Charles Madgett. However, Kapano Rodriguez also serves as General.

The Rank Structure of the Armed Forces are as follows;

EAF Ranking O-3 O-2 O-1 OR-2 OR-1 E-3 E-2 E-1
LENS Code OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Title General Colonel Major Captain Sargent Lieutenant Corporal Private


There are awards for those who have been in the Elarian-Alarian Conflict, Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute, as well as been in the Proxy Wars in the EAF. You can also earn them for firing shots, proper discipline for a month, etc. These are not at all official awards, they are unofficially given by the Armed Forces.


Elarian-Alarian conflict

An EAF soldier aiming and readying his rifle.

The Elarian-Alarian Conflict, a significant event in the history of the Elarian Armed Forces, was a complex series of military and political struggles between Ela'r'oech and Alaria. Spanning from September 2020 to August 2021, the conflict included several phases:

First Alarian War (Sept - Oct 2020): Initiated by Alaria's siege on an Elarian company, resulting in skirmishes with significant political repercussions.

Second Alarian War (Nov - Dec 2020): A broader conflict involving allies on both sides, marked by battles such as New Vizington, Da'a'ck, and a Missile Battle.

Third Alarian War (Mar - Apr 2021): Triggered by a coup in Alaria, this phase saw unconventional warfare tactics and involvement of international micronations.

Elarian-Alarian Cold War (Apr - Jun 2021): A period of heightened tensions and sporadic conflicts.

Elarian-Polarusen War (Jun - Jul 2021): This phase involved conflicts with the Polarusen Fighters of the Truth, leading to military engagements with Poloris.

The conflict concluded with the Cosma Convention in August 2021, establishing peace and setting foundations to prevent future conflicts. This series of events profoundly influenced the operational and strategic development of the Elarian Armed Forces.

Pontunia conflict

The current conflict with the disputed Kingdom of Pontunia has also led to operations conducted by the Armed Forces. Notably, with the Pontunian conflict, soldiers have been getting new gear and weaponry to combat their former ally.


  1. Dangaro for "Secret," used as "Secret Police."