League of Elarian Nation States

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League of Elarian Nation States
Flag of League of Elarian Nation States
Motto: Eey, hu olrevwo dadbee.
United, we all survive.
Largest cityDa'a'ck, Ela'r'oech
Official languagesEnglish, Elarian
Recognized languages5 languages
TypeSupranational organization and union with the Elarian Trade Union
Membership3 members
• Appointed Chairman
Charles I
• Founding
18 August 2022
• Renewed Charter
17 July 2023

The League of Elarian Nations (abbreviated as LENS) is an invitation-only micronational organization officially founded on 18 August 2022 and renewed on 17 July 2023. It's headquarters were located in a Discord group chat, however the physical location of Ela'r'oech is often used for livestreams where members can hold discussions, etc. There are many alliances and mutual recognition agreements established in LENS. Additionally, LENS acts as a peace negotiator and 'middle-man' of sort if any of it's members are in conflict with any other micronations. The goal of LENS is to find allies with multiple micronations and also to be a peaceful international organization.

Mutual alliance and bloc

LENS is an organization which holds its members to a mutual alliance. In each summit where a new member is to be confirmed, the entire League undergoes a summit where the new member signs multiple treaties - one with each member state and then one final treaty with the organization itself - where in these treaties, the new member becomes an ally of all member states and the organization. After this summit, each member is now allied with each other. Nations in LENS also agree to active participation and contribution to the defense of others in the alliance in the event of a crisis. In the event a nation is attacked, members of the alliance are often obligated to come to their defense regardless if attacked directly. Its independent member states agree to defend each other against attacks by third parties.


As of 18 July 2023, three micronations are in LENS, including the Empire of Ela'r'oech, the Second Republic of Kamore, and the Republic of Bushistan, however multiple other micronations are considered to be within the Path to LENS Membership Plan or Pre-LENS Plan.[1]

Enlargement and Membership Processes of LENS
Micronation Path to LENS Latest Path to LENS Dialogue LENS Membership
Ela'r'oech Empire of Ela'r'oech

17 July 2023
Second Republic of Kamore 17 July 2023
18 July 2023
Republic of Bushistan 17 July 2023
18 July 2023
Kingdom of Pontunia 18 July 2023

Empire of Shahawkia 18 July 2023

Integration process of new members

If a nation wishes to enter LENS, they must ratify the LENS Charter of 2023. Afterwards, they are advised to create a separate, new military branch which is reserved for LENS. These branches are often referred to as 'LENS branches' or 'Elarian branches.' In that branch, it is encouraged that member have three sub branches, including around 2 naval officers, 2 air force pilots, 2 army soldiers, or more. However, it is encouraged that member states - if they have a very small armed forces count - also simply make the branch for directly 'boots-on-ground' army soldiers. Upon acceptance into the League, the micronation will then be bilaterally recognized by all members within the League automatically. Additionally, the citizens of any member state will be considered a visitor of all member states, allowed to travel freely within them.


The following prerequisites need to be met before joining LENS;[2]

  • Is located in South America, North America, or Europe
  • Is recognized by at least one other member state.
  • Adheres to the principles of the League's charter.

However, these prerequisites being met does not mean a micronation will be allowed in automatically, as the following factors will be considered by the Assembly when making its decision:

  • The micronation's commitment to the principles of the League's charter.
  • The micronation's ability to contribute to the League's work.
  • The micronation's willingness to abide by the League's rules and procedures.
  • The Assembly's decision on whether to admit a micronation as a member will be final.


The structure of LENS is as follows;

  • Head of the Union
  • The Assembly: The Assembly shall be the supreme decision-making body of the League. It shall be composed of representatives of all member states. The Assembly shall have the power to decide on the use of force by the League, and to appoint the Appointed Chairman of the League's armed forces. The Assembly will be made of the Heads of State of each member state. If there are multiple Heads of State, for example Co-Sovereigns, then one will serve as delegate to the Assembly.
  • The Appointed Chairman: The Appointed Chairman shall be the highest military authority of the League. He/she shall be appointed by the Assembly and shall be responsible for the command of the League's armed forces.
  • The Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Joint Chiefs of Staff shall be the principal military advisory body to the Assembly and the Appointed Chairman. It shall be composed of the Chiefs of Staff of the member states.
  • The Regional Commands: The Regional Commands shall be responsible for the command of the League's armed forces in their respective regions. They shall be composed of representatives of the member states in the region.

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