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Union of Christian Communist Republics / U.C.C.R
U.C.C.R Flag.png
National Flag
U.C.C.R Coat of Arms.png
Coat of Arms

I Herre Kristus er vi frelst- (In Christ we are Saved)
The Anthem of the former Soviet Union (Moldoveanu's sanctioned rendition) and Molitva Russkikh (The Prayer of the Russians) by Vasily Zhukovsky

Western Tennessee, United States
Capital cityChristograd
Largest cityChristograd
Official language(s)Romanian, Norwegian, English, German, Russian, Sevathan, Aquatisian
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameU.C.C.R
DemonymChristian Communist
GovernmentChristian Communist Soviet Republic
LegislatureThe Christian Supreme Soviet of the U.C.C.R
Established2015 as Christadonia, March 3rd 2019 As first era of the U.C.C.R with Zhujiang as its federative republic. December 31st 2020 U.C.C.R reunified in its second era with Christadonia as its federative republic.
Area claimed73km² (mainland)
Population44 (as of 2015 census)
CurrencyThe Christo
Time zone(UTC)
National sportGaming, Fencing, Jousting
National animalDove
Patron saintSt. Paul
This nation is lead by its leader intigrated nation Christadonia This nation is a member of the LCM

The Union of Christian Communist Republics, more commonly known as The U.C.C.R, The Christian Union or Christadonia, and some times when referencing the Christadonian C.F.C.R The CCFCR, is a micronation in North America... It has had a history of over 2 years of existence. On record it was founded in its first era on March 3, 2019 where in the summer of 2019 it declared war on the Micronational Assembly where as to which it has hence had a victory over. After its near dissolution during the beginning of the Great Decline at the end of fall 2019, it was re-founded after a referendum was held by Premier Iacov Moldoveanu on 12-31-2020 at New Year's. The nation of the U.C.C.R is lead by the Christadonian C.F.C.R just as the U.S.S.R was lead by the Russian S.F.S.R.

The First Era

The First Era as its referred to by citizens of the U.C.C.R was the Era of the U.C.C.R of its first formation. The U.C.C.R was founded in the first era by Zhujiang, Christadonia, and Germanica. Zhujiang was the fist federative republic of the U.C.C.R. Under Zhujiang's leadership the U.C.C.R had a Sino-Soviet culture and the U.C.C.R's republics had quite Maoist looking flags and some even maoist names. Zhujiang had the nation join the Micronational Assembly due to the nations of the U.C.C.R alread being members of the MA before the nations creation. Whist in the MA tensions grew between the U.C.C.R and its republics and the leadership and hierarchy in the MA, The U.C.C.R saw the hierarchy of the MA as counter to its own charter and undemocratic, all in all the U.C.C.R saw the MA as an organization corrupted with oligarchy. After a week of nothing but solid heated rising tensions a group of hardliners in the MA sparked a massive conflict within the MA causing the U.C.C.R-MA War. The U.C.C.R fought an ideological campaign against the Micronational Assembly Zhujiang even managed to hack the discord account of an MA spy and informant called New Uzbekistan. In the end of the war Zhujiang was banned and most of the MA hierarchy of the time was pushed out of office positions and a few were even pushed out of the MA.

The Great Decline

After the U.C.C.R was banished from the MA the federative republic of the U.C.C.R Zhujiang went into a long period of political and economic instablity and was no longer fit to be the main federative republic of the U.C.C.R, the Germanican C.C.R was then made into the Germanican C.F.C.R the federative republic of the U.C.C.R. During Germanica's status as the federative republic of the U.C.C.R the nation went into a great period of depression and decline. Most republics broke away from the U.C.C.R during the period to form their own independent countries and nations, Christadonia though a founding republic of the U.C.C.R was one of the break away nations during this period.

The Second Era

Christadonia after a long year of being broken away from the U.C.C.R had rising sentiment within it's nation of Christian Communism once again. With this sentiment on the rise Christadonia on 12-31-20 New Years Day, held a referendum on if the U.C.C.R should be reunited or not. The referendum's result was massively in favor of bringing back the U.C.C.R in its full power. Christadonia then formed the (Union of Christian Soviet Republics) and after about a month of discussion with his brother who was the leader of Germanica, Iacov Moldoveanu The leader of Christadonia and the original founding father of the U.C.C.R signed the annexation charter of Germanica and all other republics that were still in the U.C.C.R. Christadonia was then made the federative republic of the U.C.C.R, after this event every republic except Zhujiang rejoined the U.C.C.R allowing their independent nations to be reannexed into the U.C.C.R turning them from independent nations into republics of the U.C.C.R. Though the U.C.C.R was never fully dissolved the event of Christadonia taking control of the U.C.C.R and impowering it once again, causing all the break away republics of the U.C.C.R to return to it and allow them selves to be reannexed into it, caused the Second era of the nation to begin and was dubbed the reunification of the U.C.C.R by its people and its government.

The Structuring of the Nation

The U.C.C.R is made up of Christian Communist Republics, just like the Soviet union it is made up of multiple nations that make one nation. The Governing Nation of the U.C.C.R is the Christadonian C.F.C.R (Christian Federative Communist Republic) The nation of Christadonia has gone through many names and many era's of Expansion.

Flag Rules

Old Soviets are recognized within the U.C.C.R by having a Green line somewhere on their flag. The U.C.C.R flag has one because it, itself is the oldest Soviet, The New Uzbek C.C.R, The Chernokovskoyean C.C.R, and Christadonia all have one. The Germanican C.C.R is the only exception to this rule.

Autonomous Christian Communist Republics or shortened A.C.C.R's are Autonomous Republics of the U.C.C.R, they are territories of Christadonia from when it was an empire. They are former colonies that are now Republics of the U.C.C.R however due to their former colonial status and the groups that reside within them, they are allowed more freedom to govern themselves, almost to the point of as if they were independent states but not. They are still part of/territory of the nation of the U.C.C.R. When it comes to the flags of A.C.C.R's there will always be the seal of the A.C.C.R on the flag along with then name of it written along a stripe that runs behind the seal from one end of the flag to the other.

Government Divisions

The U.C.C.R has many government divisions such as the Department of Foreign Relations, The VDK, The Chakhyzmat and the main government it's self, other wise known as the Christian Communist Party.

Contemporary Occurrences

As of 10/28/2020 The U.C.C.R has come out of its reclusive shell to announce that it has formed an alliance under The Ruskev Pact

On 3/6/2021 The U.C.C.R became one of the Founding nations of the Jidujiao Yaosai Accord

As of 4/28/2021 Gay Rights have been outlawed in the U.C.C.R

As of 6/6/2021 the Zhujiang C.C.R has been finalized in its re-annexation into the U.C.C.R as a Christian Communist Republic

As of 6/15/2021 at 3:08 AM CDT The Uzkursk C.C.R has been reannexed and admitted as a Republic of the U.C.C.R


The Armed Forces of the U.C.C.R

Geography and climate

Warm, Rainy Usual North American Bible belt climate


The U.C.C.R is a Christian Communist powerhouse and makes major economic gain through the trade of foreign diplomats of its enemies being captured and released for "a sum"

Culture and media

A very nationalist and religious people with Christianity everywhere. The anthem of the U.C.C.R is a rendition of the Soviet anthem sanctioned by Moldoveanu on a Church organ. The Imperial anthem has been kept due to it being very Christian and due to Moldoveanian Christian Communism having no opposition to other ideologies as long as they are Christian, including Monarchism.

National Statistics

V.D.K Language Statistics for the U.C.C.R.png

The national language statistics for the U.C.C.R are as follows: English: 17%, Russian: 31%, German: 23%, Norwegian: 7%, Sevathan: 7%, Aquatisian (Acvatianische): 7%, Romanian: 3%, Chinese (Mandarin): 5%.

Republics of the U.C.C.R

Flag State
ChristadoniaCFSR.svg.png Christadonian C.F.C.R
New Rhodesian C.C.R.png New Rhodesian C.C.R
New Moldova C.C.R.png New Moldovan C.C.R
Flag of Germanica C.F.C.R.png Germanica C.C.R
USCCR.png Uusi Suomi C.C.R
NUCCR.png Novo Ukrainian C.C.R
Chernokovskoyean C.C.R Flag.png Chernokovskoyean C.C.R
North Artsakh C.C.R Flag.png North Artsakh C.C.R
New Uzbek CCR Flag.png New Uzbek C.C.R
Zhujiang C.C.R Flag.png Zhujiang C.C.R
Uzkursk C.C.R.png Uzkursk C.C.R

Autonomous Republics of the U.C.C.R

Autonomous Republics of the U.C.C.R are territories of Christadonia from when it was an empire. They are former colonies that are now Republics of the U.C.C.R however due to their former colonial status and the groups that reside within them they are allowed more freedom to govern themselves, almost to the point of as if they were independent states but not. They are still part of/territory of the nation of the U.C.C.R

Flag State
Americana A.C.C.R.png Americana A.C.C.R

Officially Recognized Nations

  • ROC
  • Transnistria/Pridnestrovian Moldovan SSR
  • NLFT (National Liberation Front of Tripura)
  • NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagaland/Nagalim)
  • Most nations of the UN

Recognition refused

  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Jordan
  • Bosnia
  • PRC
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Chad
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Libya
  • Iran
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bhutan

See also

Old Flag of The U.C.C.R- Adopted March 3rd 2019