Royalist League

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The Royalist League is one of the official parties within the Kingdom of Coleraine. It supports the monarchy in full, and stands for traditional Tanist rule. The party was founded by an Act of the Crown on 25 May 2009 in response to a growing anti-Royal sentiment in the House of the Aristocracy. The League stands against the Society of Republicans, a group of members of the House of the Aristocracy, who seek an end to the Monarchy, giving power to the merchant class.

Royalist League
Party nameRoyalist League
MicronationKingdom of Coleraine
LeaderSeán III
Established25 May 2009
IdeologyJacobitism, Constitutional Monarchism, Tanism, Catholic Social Doctrine
Political positionCentre
ColoursGreen, Gold
AnthemAmhrán ar Cine na mÉireannach