Fatalitist Party

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Fatalitist Part

The Army's Party
ChairmanChristian of Mont Fluery
General SecretaryKyle of Hesslin
LeaderEthan of Mount Rouge
Deputy ChairmanVacant
Military branchSecurtiy Department of the Fatalitist Party
FoundedJune 28, 2016
HeadquartersGovernment House, Mont Fluery
Membership (2016)6
IdeologyFatalism, Militarism,
Political positionSyncretic
Colorsred, green,and horizon blue
Seats in the Senate
3 / 5
Seats in the Court of Governors
2 / 4

The Fatalitist Party of Flevelt is one of the contemporary political parties in Flevelt.


The Fatalitist Party is a pro military Party that supports a centralist government. Most consider the Fatalitist Party to be moderate and don’t currently support any widely recognized governments' party. The Fatalitist also wishes to invest more power into the Court of Governors as oppose to the High Council which is viewed as too decentralised. The Fatalitist are also the current majority party in the High Council and the Court of Governors.


The Fatalitist Party's highest members include Kyle of Hesslin CG, Ethan of Mont Rouge HC, and Christian of Mont Fluery OS. The previously stated members are also Kings in their respective member states.